Yami Gautam for Jabong

One of the sites which I find incredibly convenient when it comes to shopping is www.jabong.com. There is a reason why.

They have THIS going on during the weekends. Shop today because they currently have amazing discounts and offers on their current stock. If you are smart, shop from there from now on, instead of going to those messy stores with their little trial rooms where sweaty people fight with other sweaty people for space.

So, when they 

Plus, they have lovely stuff. Like the jacket you see up there.

Anyway, it is with great pleasure I announce that Jabong has decided to extend its fashion fiesta to an online shopping festival. The Indian Online Shopping Festival is the first online fashion week in the world from which you can purchase anything that you see worn by the models. The fashion week will contain a plethora of designers, models, photographers, make up artists and hair/costume stylists, who would be showing off their creativity for you.

Plus, you have talented celebrity mentors who would be in charge of grooming, and the beautiful Yami Gautam who would help you purchase “the look” that you just adored. The beauty of this online fashion week is that it features clothes that can be worn easily, make you look striking, and give you the power to look fantastic.

And, you get your favorite stuff much before they hit the market, exclusively from Jabong. Shopping has never been more exclusive.

Disclaimer: The post has been written in response to the Indian Online Fashion Week exclusively to Jabong.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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