Truthfully speaking, I adore mixing my alcohol and dessert. There’s something so splendidly indulgent about mixing the two! A few days ago, I cooked a simple batch of fudge brownies, and incorporated some whiskey in it while I was baking it. Voila! The brownies took on a completely new dimension, and tasted divine! I was quite happy with the results, but more than me, I think my family adored the combination of good alcohol and moist chocolate.
I have a simple theory – Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is a truly versatile thing to have around in my kitchen. Drink it, use it in food, pair it with your dessert – it never fails to please! The fine quality of the triple matured alcohol is perfect for so many different things! 
When it comes to making Indian desserts, I always think of new ways to jazz them up. Adding new things to traditional sweets might sound slightly scary in theory, but in reality, it tastes quite good. Recently, I made something which ended up tasting incredible, and it was so simple too! So, I would love to present to you how I served it, because everyone claimed that the serving was incredible.
Combine together ½ cup sugar, 1/3rdcup water, and 50 ml. Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, and bring them to a slow boil until sugar dissolves. Once sugar dissolves, remove from heat and let cool. This is your basic syrup.
Take 6 rasgullas and squeeze them till they give out most of the syrup inside them. This will take a couple of squeezes, but be careful not to crush them. After squeezing, put them in a bowl, and pour the whiskey laced sugar syrup on top of them. Let this concoction soak for half an hour at least. Once the sugar syrup has been soaked in, divide the rasgullasin two bowls, cover with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and finish by pouring the remaining of the soaking liquid on top. Serve immediately. 
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above.  
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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