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Someone once told me to dress semi-formally. I was slightly stunned, being the young thing I was. I had never really thought of clothes much before that, and a quick online search brought me to a few pages which explained to me, in simple terms, what semi-formal clothing meant.
Essentially, it is to dress which will be midway between formal and casual. Which means, you can be more lax with your formal dress sense, but not go too far on the deep end and dress as a bohemian chick either. So, the idea is to have a good balance between the two. Often enough, men do not understand the difference between formal, casual, and semi-formal. Here are a list of things that one can keep in mind when dressing semi-formally.
  1. Get that button-down shirt and wear it! They are the most acceptable semi-formal thing to wear, and you can play with design – you can go for a simple, plain color, or you can have small patterns, which would look neutral but shall still stand out.
  2. Accepted Colors – all muted, neutral shades and vivid, matte shades as well. For example, wine reds, dark greens, all shades of blue. Neon or electric shades are not advised, however.
  3. Accessories are great for this look! Get yourself a lovely striped tie and match it with a neutral shirt. White goes with virtually everything, and you can finish the look with a set of cufflinks, which look really amazing too.
  4. Wear light, informal jackets. This look is not about formal tuxedos and those heavy jackets. Rather, wear a light jacket, maybe in a shade of beige or brown, especially if you are teaming it up with matching pants and a nice linen shirt. You can forego the tie, and keep the top button of your shirt open.  
  5. A nice pair of lace-up shoes, or a pair of Oxfords, go perfectly with your clothes. Get them in black or dark brown. Never wear open-toed shoes or sneakers, and always wear socks!
  6. Try avoiding that pair of jeans. This form of dressing does not support wearing jeans or khakis. However, if you are really desperate, wear a pair which will be of a really dark shade, and be absolutely plain, without any stone wash or fading. The key is to look smart and simple at the same time.
There are many stores online, where you can get great semi-formal clothing for a very good price. Also, when you are getting ready, know that dressing up more formally is always a safer bet than dressing up too informally, so make sure you follow that protocol.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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