Imagine a day – you are tired from work, and you really need to take a break because life is just plain not right. You feel that the world has let you down and all you want to do is sit back, relax, put your feet up, and have a glass of something you can truly hold on to at the end of the day. Your mind go to those moments when you need sustenance, where your need to drink something that would make you feel alive is just plain evident on your face.

Even your secretary sympathizes, and she generally is not the expressive sort. 
Sigh. Such is the woes of us mortals.
But thankfully, there’s hope yet.
And hope is what you can live for. For a drop of sunshine.
Or the condensation around the sides of your glass, when you fill it up with a measure of Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve scotch, and add just the right amount of ice to it. Some like just one cube. Some prefer a whole lot more. And some just do not like to mess with their drinks. They prefer it neat, without any frills.
We love them.
But we also love those who add the right touch of water, or bring in the soda. Even that one, who squeeze in a bit of lime, because that’s just how the story goes there.
Whatever is your preference, add it. Or don’t. Triple Gold Reserve is a fine, luxurious blended scotch which not just tastes beautiful, but leaves you mellow and refreshed. It is the perfect solution after a long, tiring day, when all you want to do is sit down, chill and have a drink.
As long as you’re not driving, we are pretty cool with your choice. Whichever way you might choose to go.

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is meant for age 25 or more.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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