Hilsa Festivals are now all over the city thanks to the sudden overflow of the fish in the market this beautiful, rainy season, but how many places have been able to do the Ilish some justice? Presenting the Hilsa Festival guide for this season which would take you on a journey of rediscovering the gorgeous fish in all its glory.

The Park

crispy ilish

crispy fried ilish with Thai chilli paste

Three restaurants from The Park is presently hosting a rather fun Hilsa festival, featuring the fish in different fprms at Saffron, Zen and The Bridge, called the ‘Hilsa Reinvented Season 5’. Chef Sharad Dewan took me through a plethora of divine Ilish dishes, and I was charmed by a dish of Crispy fried Ilish with Thai chilli paste, followed quickly by a rather ingenious Ilish Teriyaki at The Bridge at The Park.

ilish teriyaki

ilish teriyaki

Diners can also choose a more traditional take with Ganga Ilisher Paturi, Doi Bhapa Ilish, or the classic, yet extremely satisfying Daab Ilish. For those who are bold of the heart, don’t miss out on the Grilled Ilish Risotto. The festival will continue till the 9th of August, 2016, and the dishes are available as part of the a-la-carte menu.

Vedic Village Spa Resort

Ilish Dim Bake

Ilish Machher Dim Roast

There are traditional dishes at Vedic Village Spa Resort from 1st July to 31st August 2016 like Thakumar Bhapa Ilish, Hilsa Paturi and Hilsa Tok that resort to adapting family recipes, and then there are fusion dishes like Hilsa Yellow Lentil Broth, Ilish Macher Dim Roast, and Ilish Moilee. You can also get the Ilish thali which consists of an assortment of Hilsa dishes together with rice/bhuni khichuri, dessert and other accompaniments. The dishes are available a-la-carte and are priced at 225/- onward for a-la-carte dishes, and 775/- plus tax for thalis.

Buzz at The Gateway Hotel

The Gateway Hotel Kolkata_Hilsa Festival (3)

Hilsa festival

The Hilsa fever has hit Buzz at The Gateway Hotel, and a plethora of dishes are available for lunch and dinner, like Panch Phoron ar Sukno Lanka Diye Ilish, Dhone Kancha Lonka Diye Ilisher Tel Jhal, and Doodh Ilish. The dishes have been kept traditional yet unusual, and the a-la-carte menu starts from INR 750/-. The festival starts from 29th July and will continue for the next 15 days.

Kalash at Hotel Hindustan International


Ilishiana – hilsa festival kolkata

Rains always make me nostalgic and one of the best ways to savour it is at Kalash, HHI. The ‘Ilishiana’ festival has great food and good music, with live ghazals sung in the background during the evenings when you bite into tender, flavourful fish. This  17-day long Hilsa festival started from 22 nd July and will continue till 7th August,  and you would find delicate Bengali dishes that have been carefully crafted to make them unique and wonderful. Pick from Narkeli Orange ilish, Bhapa ilish with raw mango chutney, or taste the heat with a succulent the Ilish pathuri, Doi ilish, Kancha Lonka Ilish or Ilish pulao from the considerable menu. You can avail the dishes as part of the a-la-carte menu for lunch or dinner from the Hilsa Festival and a meal for two would roughly cost INR 1500/- plus tax.

Disclaimer: The compilation has been made after obtaining details from the establishments. Any changes in the menu and/or other details may be done as per the establishment’s wishes and Poorna Banerjee is not responsible for it. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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