My childhood was all about running around like a hooligan, and basically creating mayhem. As a child, I was a happy, skinny kid, and I had a very active imagination. My mother sometimes reminds me of some of the pranks I did as a kid, and we both shudder, sometimes in mutual horror. Truthfully speaking, I was the epitome of a curious and active child, and books were the only way someone could keep me still for more than five minutes at a place. 
Thankfully, my family learned early, and gifted me with books whenever possible. After school, I would come back home, hastily finish my homework, and then settle down with a book. Of course, with the book, I would need something to munch on, or chew on, or taste. What better than some pickle or chawanprash? 

At that time, Dabur Chawanprash would come in these wide white and red dabba, and would have a layer of silver foil on top. My mother would carefully measure out a teaspoonful, with a tiny bit of silver on top, and I would savor it, slowly, making it last longer. Of course, I would admit to stealing some later on, and yes, the memories are still rich and vivid.

I have to say, my childhood was spent relatively free of any major illness, thanks to my mother and grandmother’s constant vigilance, and I grew up in a happy household. Dabur Chawanprash was as much a part of the household as Borolin, the common Bengali obsession. We still continue the tradition, and the reason is simple – Chawanprash builds up immunity over time and allows the body to fight illness more efficiently. 

Dabur Chawanprash contains a number of essential Indian medicinal herbs and spices, like Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Bala, Satavari and Viradikand. Ashwagandha is known for its anti-stress properties, and it is a strong anti-oxidant that helps reverse the signs of ageing and reduces chances of cancer. Guduchi and Bala are known anti-oxidants too, and they help build up the immunity of an individual quite efficiently. Satavari is used in Indian Ayurveda for memory boosting and strengthening the eye. Viradikand is known to rejuvenate the body.

Children today suffer from a number of issues related to poor immunity. This is further promoted because children nowadays are exposed to a lot more pollution and they eat a considerable amount of junk food. To combat these habits, parents should ideally give them something which would boost the body’s immunity considerably. Dabur Chawanprash boosts the natural killer cells of a body which immediately acts to fight virus and bacteria more efficiently, and it results in your child gaining more strength to fight bacteria and germs and grow up stronger and healthier. This is essentially the reason why you should give your child Dabur Chawanprash, to ensure that your child stays strong and safe from germs. Check out this link for more details about Dabur Chawanprash. Let’s make an #ImmuneIndia.

Disclaimer: This post was a response to Indiblogger’s “A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home” contest in association with Dabur Chawanprash.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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