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Summer always end up being humid here in my city, and the best way to deal with it is by wearing outfits which are cool and perfectly aimed to battle the hot weather, which makes you sweat. This is where linen shirts/trouserscome in. They are not just perfect for the weather, they are also super stylish and perfect for the fashion conscious. Here is a list of colors you must not miss if you love linen.
1.     White – the most essential shade for linen is the basic white shade. Yes, a lot of you might think of it as a boring color, but to be fair, white is a versatile, good shade, which looks smart, stylish, and is going to reflect the sunrays, making you feel cooler than the rest. Plus, white is a classic shade which can be matched with any other color. A pair of fitted pants, or a simple pair of blue jeans, and good looking shoes, and you are done! The easiest combination to wear this summer.
2.     Pastels– although it might seem like more of a feminine color, men can easily rock a light orange shade, or a pale minty green shirt, with a dark pair of pants. For women, the choices are endless – wear a pretty plain linen top with a pair of fun palazzos with wild prints, or match your pastel shirt with a pastel skirt, and go all girly with a pair of cute ballerina shoes. Keep your makeup to a minimum, and look cool and simple this summer.
3     Cream– Yes, true, it is close to both white and pastels, but cream colored linen has its own little fan following. Whether you are wearing it plain, or you want to add a bit of flair with understated patterns or checks, this color works really well. Again, pairing is simple. What about a simple pair of cream linen trousers, with a bright colored shirt? The combination is perfect for a party, especially when you don’t want to look like you have sweated a lot..

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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