June Tomkyns, Silver Spring, Kolkata

Although I have brown hair, I always was fascinated towards the colour red, and although from time to time I would color my hair shades of dark red, I never really had the nerve to experiment after a blonde highlighting session went wrong (let’s not talk about milk white hair!). But, when Groupon came up with plenty of great deals for hair highlights in Kolkata, I was hooked. After looking at plenty of nice offers, in the end, I chose to go to June Tomkyns, since I generally go to their The Stadel outlet from time to time, and have never been disappointed. The place I went to, finally, was the Silver Spring outlet of June Tomkyns. Once reached, the manager there offered me a choice of drinks (tea/coffee/water), and after sipping a cup of tea, my stylist came over to ask me what I was looking for.

Stylist Ravi at June Tomkyns

The expert stylist who coloured my hair was Ravi, and he asked me plenty of pointed question. My package included hair highlights and threading, and although I declined threading, since I have recently got it done, others can avail this before sitting for the colouring session. Although Ravi asked me why I did not want to go for blonde shades, since it was safer, and I could carry it off well, he did not argue with me when I said I always wanted a red head, and for once, wanted to see how it was. I was given a choice – L’Oreal or Wella, and I decided to totally leave the deal to the stylist. All I wanted was for the colour to show. They have plenty of choices – purple, blonde, red, orange – it is truly endless.

Sectioning the hair before coloring

So, the procedure was actually quite simple, but extremely time-consuming. First, Ravi took my hair in strands and sectioned it. With a fine-toothed comb, he then segmented the hair that was supposed to be highlighted, and applied a cream to it which bleached away the original colour of the hair. This way, the highlights would be more permanent and bold.

After coloring my hair

After the initial stage, the next was adding the colour. Ravi had selected a bright red to suit my face, and I have to say, the colour looked lovely in the bowl. He applied it, and I had to sit till the colour took effect. The entire process took nearly three hours, but, my patience was rewarded.

After coloring my hair – look, No makeup! 😀

Behold! My hair was streaked a vibrant red, and although I have received mixed reactions from friends – some think the colour is too bold, while others love it, I personally would have to say, this is such a bright and happy colour, and I adore it! In fact, my father, who is quite orthodox in his appreciation of beauty found it very nice, and I have to say, I love it to bits!

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Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was provided the voucher by Groupon. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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