GALLERY KOLKATA  presents Haute Art Curry: An Art Exhibition & Series of Events curated by Meghna Agarwala. The art exhibition can be viewed from Wesdnesday 10th June 2016 and the show runs through till Saturday 30th July, 2016 ( 11 am – 7 pm ) daily except Sundays & public holidays. The Featured Artists include but not limited to: 

K.G.Subramanyan | Prokash Karmakar | Kartick Chandra Pyne | Jogen Chowdhury | Sunil Das| Suhas Roy | K.S. Radhakrishnan | Amitav Das | S.Harshavardhan | Wasim Kapoor|  Murli Cheeroth | Chandra Bhattacharya | Vasundhara Tiwari Broota | Chattrapati Dutta | Tapas Ghosal | Aditya Basak | Gourango Besai | Atin Basak | P. Bardhan | Arun Bain | Amit Kalla | Gulab Kapadia | Jagannath Paul | Surajit Biswas | Steven Gandhi | Mahjabin I. Majumder | Kamal Mitra and others.

Venue : Gallery Kolkata  41 Shakespeare Sarani , 2nd Floor , Duckback House (diagonally opp. to Kalamandir)


Presented by P is proud to associate with this venture. A few fun events will be held shortly. Here’s a set of them.

Medley-of-Gastronomics-June (1)

Tete-tete-with-tea- (1)


Some of the top food and beverage groups are coming together to ensure the event is a success. Be there!

Disclaimer: Presented by P is the official blogging partner for the event. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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