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FunFoods, a leading purveyor of western cuisine in India, today announced the launch of its 100 gm standing pack of its famous– Veg. Mayonnaise. Adding a small size to its vast Mayo family, the 100 gm pack with a nozzle will be the first of its kind packaging for Mayonnaise to be introduced in India. Priced at just Rs. 35, the 100gm Mayonnaise Veg. Pouch is set to cater to the uninitiated consumers as a trial pack, as well as those who always aspired to try this delightful condiment.

This is the first ever 100 gm Mayonnaise Veg. pack and promises to keep the flavour of FunFoods signature Veg. Mayonnaise intact – smooth, creamy and a rich fulfilling taste! The nozzle of the pack helps in quick application whether you want to enjoy a juicy sandwich for breakfast or dress up your favourite Russian salad for dinner, the Veg. Mayonnaise pouch by FunFoods will fulfil your day-to-day western culinary needs. You can also satiate your taste buds while you are on a road trip or a picnic as this single serve, ‘easy to use and easy to carry’ pouch, will save you from the hassle of storage, make for easy application and help maintain hygiene.

FunFoods Veg. Mayo Family is spread across all possible sizes and price variants. The price of 270 gm., 500 gm., 750 gm., and 875 gm. is INR 79/- , 119/- , 149/- and 169/- respectively. 

Disclaimer: Press Release. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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