chocolate and blueberry yogurt topped with chocolate pieces (snickers, specifically) and blueberry crush

Tucked away in the heart of Alipore, the main outlet of Forever Yogurt was all pink and purple, and bright and inviting. I walked up to the door where my friend M was waiting for me. They have a wall filled with funny and cute quotes. I looked around and met the guys manning the machines, who invited me in.

The concept of Forever Yogurt is quite cool. The idea is to get as much or as little frozen yogurt from the tap, cover it with whatever topping you want, and then, consume. You can choose from their huge range of toppings, which includes freshly cut fruits, crunchy muesli, chopped nuts, chocolates, blueberry and strawberry pie filling, marshmallow, and sprinkles.

I heart sprinkles.

I talked to Deval, who explained the concept in simple words. “It’s simple, you see. Frozen Yogurt is essentially a healthy option when compared to ice cream. But its the topping that makes the difference. You want healthy? Add muesli, fruits, and nuts. There, you have a very healthy dessert! But well, you want it with loads of chocolate on top? Well, that sure isn’t healthy, but its a very tasty thing.”

So all you have to do is get your share, put toppings on it – and yes, toppings are unlimited – take whatever you want, and then weigh the final result.

The array of toppings were tempting. I loved the butterscotch chocolate ball (bottom left) and well.. you know that I love sprinkles right? Especially when they are rainbow sprinkles?

It’s just dysfunctional of me I guess, but there you have it. I settled down with the first bowl of concoction – the Blueberry flavor was mild and fruity, and good for someone who is not an intense blueberry fan like me. As I was topping this with more blueberry filling, chocolate frozen yogurt and chopped snickers… well… ahem, I have to say that I was otherwise distracted. The strawberry was my favorite of the lot – the strawberry tang very prominent on my tongue. The chocolate flavor was milder than I would have liked, but nothing some chocolate sauce could not improve. My second cup proves it.

The final concoction is priced at 99p per gram, so knock yourself out eating more.

Now for the CONTEST. I was thinking of making people happy this Diwali, and Forever Yogurt has kindly offered a lucky reader of this blog a treat this Diwali. Please note, the offer will last till 30th October, 2014 and it is available at the Quest Mall as well as the New Alipore Outlet. To participate in this contest, all you have to do are the following things:

1. Like my page on Facebook.
2. Share the picture of the Frozen Yogurt and tag a friend who you would like to share it with. Find the share link here. Make sure when you are sharing the picture, its status is public, so I can check.
3. Leave a comment below with your Facebook name.

The lucky winner will get a voucher which will make him/her eligible for 2 cups of frozen yogurt from Forever Yogurt. Eat it yourself, or share with a friend this Diwali, because you see, sharing is caring. The last date for redeeming the offer is 30th October, 2014.

This contest will end on the 21st of October, 2014.

Also, Forever Yogurt’s Grand Opening is happening at their New Alipore Outlet TODAY. Check out their Facebook event HERE and land Up to get a free cup of frozen yogurt. Remember, the offer is limited, so check the event before going.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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