A few days ago, Food Bloggers Association, India was looking for reviewers for some of the packaged food from the brand Gits. I received a package soon after, and here is what it contained.

One package of Veg. Biryani and one package of Dal Makhani. Both were encased inside a pretty blue package with a note and I was quite happy to receive them both. Within a couple of days, I decided to try both out. GITS makes their food without preservatives, so it is advised to eat them after warming up, and not keep leftovers for long.

I tried the veg biryani first. It came in a plastic package, with a gravy-soaked bit of rice on one side, and a yellow-looking rice on the other side. Looking at the package, I had thought that they would separate the gravy and the biryani, but they did not. Although it was called veg, I did not find anything but potato and peas in this. The biryani rice was well-cooked, if a little bland, the curry spicy, but lacking vegetables. I felt that if this is called a VEG biryani, it should have more vegetables. Maybe carrots and beans can be added. Overall, this was a nice meal for one hungry individual if they aren’t too picky.

The Dal Makhani boasts of No MSG or preservatives. All you would have to do is heat it for a couple of minutes. I had this with roti. It quite good actually. The dal had the right blend of spice, and well-mashed and silky. I liked the fact that the dal was quite fragrant and if someone did not tell me this was packaged, I would not be able to get that. I would have to say, out of the two, I much preferred this one, and would probably purchase it if I have a dal makhani craving and need a fix ASAP and my friendly neighborhood dhaaba is closed. Overall, nice and probably a good deal if you are looking for a quick fix.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee received this package from Gits Food courtesy FBAI. No monetary compensation was involved and the opinions are unbiased.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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