When I began writing about this blog, I made it sound like something I would like to read when I am bored, and I decided yesterday, why not write about the food I have eaten recently? A lot of times I have felt that there is just too much bias against or for a particular place, and in my city a lot of places are dying out for the lack of attention. I have decided to blog about the food I eat outside, and review joints which serves up food, and give an account of my experience there.

It was a long day for me, and after work I decided to go shopping alone, and walked around Dakshinapan to check out the Odissa Emporium where I was looking around for a particular Sari I had spotted on my trip to Puri. I finally found the one I wanted and then called up C. I had dinner plans with her because she’d been having some really trying times at that point, and the night our mutual friend Choo was getting back from the USA so it was time for double celebration. So we decided to celebrate with Chinese and Japanese food, and try Sushi at The Wall. Choo had said that it was pretty good when she’d come here last summer, so me and C were like, what the hell, we’ll try it! 
Peeping over the Menu Card
C picked me up from South City Mall, where I’d been roaming around for a while and we went over to The Wall, which is situated near Xrong Place, the next lane to Lake Road (at the end of this post I will write down the details and address of the joint). We entered without a reservation, but thank God did not have to wait because the attentive servers quickly seated us.
The Pot Stickers (Chicken) …. Bad photograph
We both studied the menu and checked out the extensive Chinese, Thai and Japanese section. However, as we had eyes for Sushi we decided to check them out first. We were both pretty hungry so we rattled off our order, Chicken Pot Stickers, served with a soy-ginger dressing, California Hand Rolls (from the Sushi Section) and two diet cokes (both me and C cannot abide the overly sweet taste of the regular version, so). The pot stickers came in first, their bottoms lightly browned and the insides tender, nice and juicy. Though I could not help but think it was slightly overpriced but I guessed the tag of Boutique Chinese and ambiance allowed the extra money spending. Quite good, and we thought we were off to a flying start. (For the MENU and PRICES  of these items and the MAP of the place go to this link and check them out). I was quite happy with my starter and next came the Sushi which C and me looked forward to.
California Hand Rolls
Now came this plate filled with five hand rolls. First of all, the quantity put me right off. I have also had Sushi in other places, and I thought that paying about 425 INR for a plate of measly FIVE rolls was insane, especially when I know that the ingredients might have set them back about 130-150 INR max. The plate also came with a ball of Wasabi and a bit of pickled ginger. C displayed her AMAZING Chopstick skills and picked one roll up to her plate with great courage, covered it with some wasabi and ginger, and gingerly ate it. I wish I could have shown you her expression when the thing came to the table, she looked at it with a helpless expression of defeat and curiosity which nearly killed me to try and keep my face straight.
To cut a long story short, after we had one sushi each (manfully, I daresay!) we decided that we were both NOT California Roll kind of person (read, we didn’t like icky cold clammy nearly raw prawns wrapped in cold icky smelly seaweed and nearly bland rice) and we decided to GIVE Choo the rest because we knew she would like it and C was going to the airport to meet her anyways. 
To get the smell of the fish out of our mouths, we quickly ordered a Pan fried Fish with Salt and Pepper (Suggested by our waiter, who thankfully knew our Indian taste) and it came to us within 5-6 minutes of order, piping hot. Again, the quantity compared to price put me off, but at least it was a good change from the  thing we’d had before, so we jumped on it (and I forgot to take a picture). 
Anyway, the low yellow light was making everything look a bit creepy and jaundice-y at this point, so we decided to order our mains (and I finally decided to use Flash). C was eyeing the Slice Chicken Mahati Style (which was a chicken dish with sesame seeds in it) so we ordered that, along with the Egg Wrapped Fried Rice (she’d been telling me all about the Khao Phad she had had in another place, and the incredible good taste, etc, so I told her that there was an option here and she eagerly went for it.). Our mains came in quite fast, so we were quite impressed by the service, not to mention the Egg Wrapped Fried Rice which was a thin parchment layer of Egg that covered the rice. The quantity of the rice and chicken was quite a lot and we both struggled to finish (we are both competently big eaters, and we were both very hungry) and in the end gave up. The fried rice was good; it had a mild flavor which complemented the sweetish chicken in Mahati Style. The chicken pieces were tender, with light batter and a sauce which coated the fried rice nicely. We were quite happy with this choice. 
My Plate of Egg Wrapped Fried Rice with Sliced Chicken Mahati Style
Finally our bill came (with a few Clor Mints which we appreciated much) of about 1550 INR. The Sushi took up about 550 INR of it, and we were both disappointed by it, but the rest of the meal was all right; not the most spectacular Chinese food we had had, but comforting food which was all right. 
Will I return here? Probably to try out the buffet, which is apparently good value for money, and for the Pork which I have heard is good. I also intend to try something called Ants Climbing Up the Hill, which is what I will try out next.
31, Sarat Banerjee Rd, Sarat Bose Road
Opp Markopolo and Lake Barista,
Kolkata, 700029

Phone #:+(91)-33-66347936,033 2464 9041, 4001 7299, 4001 7250
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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  1. panu 2011-08-08 at 7:24 am Reply

    I remember eating very good South Indian at this joint called Woodland's in Chennai about 14 years back which was possibly one of the best I have ever had. Also I remember Sandy Neelu and me eating at a joint beside station that made great Mutton Pepper Fry and stuff. Otherwise we went to some mall which was quite expensive, so I don't remember much of it besides that. But sad for you that Chennai does not have good places.

  2. saptarshi 2011-08-08 at 3:26 am Reply

    Chennai is so expensive. Prices at very very sad restaurants (which most places in Chennai are, they are pretentious) is as high as this.

  3. panu 2011-08-06 at 8:10 pm Reply

    We can go. 🙂

  4. Roadside Rendezvous 2011-08-06 at 8:09 pm Reply

    i have never been to the wall…. i wanna try it

  5. panu 2011-08-02 at 8:35 pm Reply

    They did.

  6. Heathcliff 2011-08-02 at 6:16 pm Reply

    wall is very expensive.. and frankly I dont get the boutique idea in kolkata.. for pricey food I would rather go to Taj or ITC for that matter.
    Also the quantities are like french food.. what the hell.. I sincerely dislike Wall.
    Also for California roll they are not suppose to pur raw prawn in it. California roll is supposed be the easiest and the most unadventurous sushi with avocado.. cooked crab or may be spicy tuna thats it… they messed it up.. I am sure.

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