Non Vegetarian Combination at Aaira

In this summer, seriously speaking, eating a lot of food isn’t the most appealing thing. This is where a good deal for a balanced meal is really helpful, and Aaira, the new Indian restaurant at Park Street, has come up with a lovely concept of budget meals, which would not break the bank, and at the same time, is a well-balanced meal. Keeping this in mind, Chef Sheikh Abbas of Aaira has designed an assortment of express lunch sets at Aaira which can be eaten solo or shared. The menu is currently available from Monday to Saturday during lunch hours.

Chef Shiekh Abbas

I have had some amazing creations by Chef Abbas. On my last visit, he floored me with a concoction called dabba gosht at Aaira, and it was soft mutton pieces cooked in a thick gravy – and I was truly amazed by the quality of the meat and the taste. He hails from Muscat, and the middle-eastern influence can be noted on the menu combos, where he brings some really interesting twists to the dishes he creates.

Express Lunch Combination at Aaira

If you take a look at the assorted menu, you would find some really interesting combos, which are priced very modestly between 225/- to 355/- (plus tax), and each meal comes with a glass of complimentary cold drinks. From Goan Bhetki fish curry to Vegetable shashlik, the menu boasts of really unusual combinations from the South of India to the Middle East.

Souk Combination at Aaira 

I was very interested in the vegetarian combo Souq, which was essentially a combo that the Chef admitted was a very Middle-Eastern combination. To me, the Rajma Rice was reminiscent of a Koshari, an Egyptian dish combining rice, vermicelli and lentils. It was served with a bowl of spicy mushroom, the Khumb Khurchan, cooked in a gravy that was tangy and hot from the red chillies. We enjoyed the mild flavors of the Rim Jem, and the plain salad came with pieces of cheese and olives in it, which is always welcome. The meal was complete with a bowl of lentil soup, mild, but with an underlying hint of spice that prevented it from being bland.

Mendi Combination at Aaira

We had also ordered the Mendi, one of the non-vegetarian platter, which induced a lot of laughter when it was presented to me, because when I looked at the platter, and at the Laham Khewa Kabab, it totally reminded me of a pair of eyes staring back. In fact, my Facebook feed was filled with people commenting about the same. Anyway, eyes or not, the Mutton Shorba was perfectly cooked, with a thin texture, and bits of mutton. I loved the combination of the Mendi rice, and the sweet barbecue chicken leg served with it. The rice was perfectly cooked, and extremely flavorful, and the grilled chicken was tender and juicy. What I wasn’t too fond of was the Laham Khewa Kabab, which was a bit too dry for my liking. But, I did like the idea of yoghurt and simple salad accompanying the dish, and the soothing yoghurt was a blessing in the hot sun.

ice cream with hot chocolate sauce

In lieu of dessert, I opted for a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and well, who won’t top their ice cream with some chocolate sauce? Aaira’s summer combos are definitely value for money, and is a great option in case you are looking for a place to go eat a nice meal.

cheap vegetarian combo meal

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at Aaira at the kind invitation of the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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