The Park Hotels, pioneers of the luxury boutique hotels in India, have introduced The Park’s calendar celebrating ‘Anything but Ordinary’ people. The calendar features young, enthusiastic andvibrant personalities like popular designers Malini Ramani and Gaurav Gupta, celebrity DJ Nikhil Chinapa, artist Sudarshan Shetty, jewellery designer Hanut Singh and a host of young talent who are prodigious achievers in their respective professions. The calendar also features the extraordinary individuals who are part of The Park family.
The Park hotels integrate the execution of unique experiences that are rooted in the brand promise of ‘Anything But Ordinary’. As you enter into The Park’s ‘Anything but Ordinary’ world through the portal of its calendar, you discover quirky, inspiring spaces and corners, delightful service surprises and spontaneous moments of joy and fun experiences. The calendar resonates the edgy dynamism of The Park’s ‘Anything but Ordinary’ vivacity and experience.
Speaking at the launch, Ms. Priya Paul, Chairperson- AppejaySurrendra Park hotels said, “The concept and the design of The Park calendar is beautifully integrated with the brand promise of ‘Anything but Ordinary’. At The Park Hotels, creativity and innovation are part of our DNA and it’s where unusual experiences are possible. From the moment our customers arrive to the time till when they leave, we provide them remarkable experiences sprinkled with the unusual and the memorable. The calendar has been inspired by our collective love for the unique and reflects the same passion and originality that we stand for.”
My association with The Park’s calendar has been a lot of fun and it resonates with my quirky style. The fresh design language and unique contemporary spaces at the hotel symbolize quintessential India. I love its modern and strikingly bold personality that infuses energy into you. The enthusiasm, vivacity and youth environment of the hotel is truly Anything but ordinary”, says writer-journalist Aatish Taseer, who was present at the launch and features in The Park calendar.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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