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Envy 1000 Body Sprays are priced at 180/- for 140 ml. They are available online at Flipkart. These sprays are quite different from normal deodorants, because these have no gas in them. But they claim to perform better than deodorants with gas in them. They are sold by the brand Vanesacare.

About Envy 100 Body Spray: Like a gushing river of exhilaration, this invigorating fragrance takes over your senses and provides you a sublime push of confidence to go ahead and make things happen.

Envy 1000 Rush Body Spray

Envy 100 Body Spray Rush and Nitro are available in sturdy metal packages, with a plastic cap. They feel heavier than normal perfumes, and have about 1000 sprays worth cologne in them. The packages are really travel-friendly, and I have carried them around without issues in my bag.

Unlike many other deodorants, these do not have gas in them, so, when sprayed, they do not make that hissing sound, or cover you with a cloud of smoke (which I don’t like much), but, rather, target specific areas. I generally spritz them on my underarms and torso, and use as needed. They are excellent to spray on fabric as well.

Envy 1000 Nitro Body Spray

Envy Nitro body spray has a strong, fresh scent, which I can describe probably as ‘aqua’. It stays on for nearly 8-9 hours easily, and although I carry the bottle in my bag just in case, I have not had to reapply it for the first 12 hours at least. The scent is strong, and I have a fascination for scents which tend to be on the masculine side, and this is exactly that.

Envy Body Spray India

Envy Rush body spray has a spicier, and definitely more exotic scent. I prefer using this one because it stays on for 8 hours easily, and has a scent which is quite masculine. However, this perfume is also, for the lack of a better word, extremely refreshing to smell, and both my father and I like it. I have seen that the scent for the no-gas liquid deodorants tend to stay on longer, and they linger on my clothes till they are washed. That is definitely a good sign.

I am quite happy with both Envy 1000 body sprays. They are reasonably priced, easy to use, lasts me long, and has a nice, lingering smell. I am quite happy with these, especially for those who like fresh, clean scents.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee


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