A few days ago, I received a ticket to check out the launch of the Autumn and Winter Collection 2013 at Elle Boutique in Forum Mall. Hosted by my friend Debi of FlySongBird, the event began at 12, and as usual, I was slightly late, but not too late at that.

Elle Boutique Invitation

Upon entering the boutique located on the first floor of Forum Mall, Elgin Road, I noticed a number of fellow bloggers and writers gathered in small groups, chatting about fashion. On a side table, cupcakes with chocolate frosting, cheese toasties and iced coffee were kept, and occasionally I would see a blogger make a sneaky getaway to that place and pick a cupcake up. They were rather good, with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles.


I looked around for my lovely hostess, and soon found her looking lovely in a striped dress with a cute little black shrug thrown over it. A pair of very cool spiky flats graced her feet.

Debi of Flysongbird

I looked around the shop and found a number of nice things I liked. However, I will have to come back, since the place was crowded and the dressing rooms were jam packed with people trying on new clothes. Some of the things I liked are as follows.

Gorgeous Silk Dress with Flower Motif. 
Blue Dress with a White Bag. Very 1980s.
High Heels that I personally loved but they did not have my size. They have promised to get my size later.
Tan Sling Bag. I <3 Sling Bags.

Of course, what is a blogger’s meet without some lovely pictures of some of my blogger friends?

The whimsical +Shreya Goswami who often sends me incredible pictures of me which I have no idea when she clicked. 
D of Poutpretty and S of Sorelle Grapevine
Shreya, Soumi and Debi.

And lastly, my outfit for the event. How can I miss a bit of self-love?

Elle Fashionwear very kindly provided me a 500/- voucher for shopping there as part of the preview event, and explained that their new collection was inspired by the whimsy of autumn, with influences from a number of sources. I have already posted the things I like, and would go back to browse in peace after the Durga Pujas are over. Thank you for inviting me!

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee attended the Elle Fashionwear Autumn and Winter Collection 2013 Launch Event as a Guest. No monetary transactions were involved.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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