Okay, this post is dedicated to Doc Mighty, C and Choo who went with me to Haka and sampled their food fare. Besides the small talk and mutual “maarpit” we had a mixed experience to say the least. While me and C were quite happy with the food and hogged (naturally), Doc Mighty was not. He thought that there were several problems with the lunch menu. Choo on the other hand was of the opinion that some of the dishes were great, for example the cauliflower. However, I liked the buffet, and the food really hit the spot that day (I’d not eaten since morning and well… probably that was why the Haka Buffet was suddenly tasting so good to me).

We began with a cup of Chicken Hot and Sour Soup with some fried noodles to put in it. It also came with some rice crackers which were crispy and salty, perfect for the soup. The soup was right on the money. It was thick, refreshing, redolent of chicken and vegetables and well-made stock. Right up my alley.

Up next, I had an assortment of many things.

You see all the meat in the center? Well that is stir fried chicken with chillies (with bone) in the center. On the right side, there is the chicken salad (it was AMAZING, I had two helpings) and on the left there are the prawn crackers (nicely fried, but nothing to write home about). On top of the plate there are little bits of cucumber salad (Top Left), Kimchi (Top Center) and Fried Potato Salad (Top Right). I failed to get a picture of the second plate of food which had these great fried cauliflowers, that was very very good. The cauliflowers were fried after being coated in a little flour and then tossed with some chinese herbage. The result was crispy bits of the veg served piping hot.

The stir fried chicken with chillies were very good, except I agree with Doc Mighty when I say that they need to be boned. Though sucking some of these buggers off the bone is incredibly tasty. Another hit was the AMAZING chicken salad. Did I say AMAZING? I know, I know, I meant it. It was great! On the other hand the rest of the menu were not very nice, like the veg wontons (Choo insisted I have one).

Dumpling Picture – Epic Failure

I did not venture towards the rice/noodles section as by then I was so full I could not move. However, we did get some good dumplings, which had thin skin and a lot of juicy meat in them, and they were served with this lovely sauce which was worth writing home to.

I save some space for dessert virtually everywhere, and here I could see some fruit cake, ice cream with chocolate sauce, and .. oooh, Date Wontons. Okay, I am a sucker for wontons. There is something incredibly decadent in getting crispy fried stuff with sweet filling (its the peethe person in me, I guess) and I got a plateful.

Dessert Picture – Epic Fail II

The fruit cake was okay, nothing to write home about, but the DATE WONTONS were… okay they were amazing, and yes, they were sweeeeeeeeeet. Exactly the way I like it. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. A bit of vanilla Ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce, and I was in happy frame of mind. You will find the chocolate doused date wonton in the right side of the picture above and the fruit cake to your left.

At the end of the lunch, I concentrated on taking pictures of C, and she politely hid her face. Here is Choo’s attempt. I Wuv You C!!! Our bill was pretty reasonable, about 249 INR (plus tax) per person for weekday lunch, which is quite good considering the amount of hoggage done. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee


  1. panu 2011-08-17 at 10:48 am Reply

    I am not a fan of the buffet either. That's why I was so surprised when this buffet turned out pretty good, and I was pretty happy with the food. We should totally do a food review together.

  2. Roadside Rendezvous 2011-08-17 at 10:46 am Reply

    love a la carte at hakka…..not a big fan of oriental on buffet……the city centre haka i like sometimes….. we need to dinner sumtime soon….and critique the food…. u are always a great critique….

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