Pork steamed momo. 100/-

At times, you generally forget what you have dangling right in front of you. That’s because, you of course, are a moron who ignores stuff. As a happy Bengali girl who loves food to the core, I would tell you about a place which I am quite badly biased towards. Its The Blue Poppy, a lovely Tibetan restaurant, run by friends. This review is for the times when the little joint has successfully satisfied my momo/thukpa/men tse tse/thenthuk/soup/chilli garlic chow cravings.

Sauce Jars containing tomato and chilli sauce, and chillies in vinegar

Let me tell you this first. I eat at this joint quite regularly, not just because I love the food, but because there are certain things that are so comforting and tender that you would be reminded of a mother’s warm hug when you think about it later. I was first a regular at The Blue Poppy restaurant inside Sikkim House, Middleton Row (where I still visit from time to time) but then this place became my favorite because, well, it was way too convenient for me.

Also, the food.

I have this thing – I cannot tell you that everything in a restaurant is good. No, that’s not true. Especially when my taste buds are definitely personal, and not yours. At All.

S. always swears by the Pork Pan fried momos. I like it when its made by the owner’s daughter, Sachiko, the most.

To find The Blue Poppy, you will have to go inside Gorkha Bhawan and ask. There is no big signboard on top of the restaurant inviting you inside. Instead, you will have to be content with the one outside the building.

I have heard plenty of complaints about inattentive waiters here. And yes, that is partially true. I have been ignored here, had forgotten and messed up orders, and waited for a long time before they could attend to me. However, I would sit tight and wait for them to come to me rather than me go to them. If you are looking for a great decor or fantastic service, umm, no. This is not the place. In fact, you would have to ask for water glasses, as the water here is kept in old Kinley bottles, ready for you to drink straight from the bottle. Also, there might be a couple of flies hanging around some time.

There is a reason. I will show it to you soon.

Ah look.

Chicken Thenthuk. 120/-

My Reason.

Of course, this is not the original color of this gorgeous dish.This happened halfway through S’s eating, after she had added a generous dousing of chillies in vinegar and soy sauce. I add a good hit of the chilli paste they serve here with the food (Dallay), and that sort of makes my day. This is the comfort food I often crave when facing a miserable day at work, or, well, just because its there. Be it the middle of summer, winter, or spring, my heart says “Thenthuk” the moment I think of The Blue Poppy.

Chicken Thenthuk – Without Seasonings added.

And why not? Hand-cut slices of thick noodle crowding a bowl of rich stock, vegetables and chicken, all deliciously flavored with hints of cilantro and tomatoes and garlic. For me, this and the lovely Chicken Men Tse Tse (fettuccine-like noodles in a lighter broth with plenty of cilantro and garlic in it) are the two things I can happily eat for the rest of my life.

Chicken Mushroom Soup. 70/-

 The other thing I swear by, especially when I am feeling the cold and need to clear out my sinus, is the Chicken Mushroom Soup. This is also the thing I want with my plate of steamed momo, or a double-order (Two plates) of pork kothey (momos that are similar to pot stickers).

Pork Kothay. 110/-. Painted generously with Dallay by me. Just before I popped it into my mouth. And suffered a burning food-gasm.

Although The Blue Poppy is known for its momos, I personally feel that the other dishes are also very very commendable. For example, they have a cheese and chilli thingy (edited because Srinbin says its curry), called Ema dashi, which I love. Or the Chilli Garlic Chow. And of course, the chicken pakoras. But still, the star of the show for me is in the bowl of soup.

My Dallay!

The Blue Poppy
Inside Gorkha Bhawan
Opposite City Center
Salt Lake City
Ph: 9874141300

Disclaimer: Although the people running this place are friends of mine, that has in no way affected this post. The opinions are of a dedicated fangirl of The Blue Poppy.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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