I will admit to the fact that the first time I went to Raj’s Spanish Cafe, I almost got lost because the place is very easy to miss. What you need to do is keep an eye out as soon as you hit Sudder St. It is inside a building, and opposite a roadside stall called Tirupati, which, till date, has served me some tasty Kimchi Soup and Kimchi Fried Rice.

Menu Card. 

However, coming back to this cafe. This is one of those places in Kolkata I will return to again and again, and not feel guilty about not visiting other places.

Iced Coffee.

There are several reasons why I love Raj’s Spanish Cafe, or, simply, Spanish Cafe. One of the reasons is this – its really really laid back, relaxed and perfect for those times when you want to do nothing but sit in one corner and type away at your computer. No one will come bother you, ask you to go away, or any other stuff. Here, people know the value of privacy and peace.

In exchange of your money and a valid id, you can get paid wifi here. I love the decor here, with the brightly colored walls, and a lovely artwork gracing the outside of the cafe. I can stare at other people’s paintings for hours in the end, and this place has this lovely mural of India right outside, which is to be savored. Just look at it for a few minutes, and you would see minute details gracing the picture. I for one, a person not blessed with artistic talent, love the current mural they have to bits. The place has a sprawling sitting arrangement, and although without the benefit of an AC, the place is shady and cool, so you rarely need that. Also, inside, there is a large book rack where you will find a lot of books, from a lot of different countries. Read one, if you want, its a lot of fun sitting here with a glass of something cold, reading a philosophy treatise.

Ordering is simple enough. You are given menu cards, plus pen and an ordering pad. You write down the things you want to eat and in what quantity. Also, a daily special is provided on the side, where you can order the day’s special if you like. Recently, I got meatballs.

Iced Mocha

The other day, when we went in,  my friend was in a hungry mood, and she ordered the iced coffee. I am an Iced Mocha girl, so I decided to order mine. It came laden with a mountain of cream and chocolate sauce. Generally, when I need a quick hit of caffeine, I order the Cafe Bom Bon, which is condensed milk, espresso and whipped cream, meant to be sipped after all three are mixed vigorously together.

Iced Mocha.
While sipping our drinks, we contemplated our next order. I generally order the chicken platter, which equates to two pieces of breaded and fried chicken, salad, fries and coke. You can switch the coke for a diet for 10/- extra, and I generally do that for a very filling meal. However, today, I did not feel like it, so decided to order Huevo Rotos (60/-), a simple dish of a big bunch of french fries topped with a fried egg, sunny side up. I absolutely love this dish. Its key is the simplicity, and the fact that I totally break the yolk right on top of the fries and eat the fries coated in yolk, savoring the salty gloriousness of the yolks with the crunchy fries.

Huevo Rotos (Fries topped with a sunny side up egg)

On the other hand, my companion ordered the Meatballs with Spanish Salsa (100/-). This was a bit of a let down. Although the mash it came with was brilliant, the meatballs were underseasoned, and so was the salsa. The quantity was also measly for 100/- (this has also happened to our Cannelloni which was a very small portion. On the other hand, the quantity they serve in their salads is astounding and their Espinacha Crema, a Spinach dish in bechamel sauce, is a big bowl full of creamed spinach and is enough to fill me up any day).

The service is brisk, the servers are smart, and absolutely indulgent. I love every bit of this place, and I do recommend a few things on the menu, including the Huevo Rellenos (Egg stuffed with tuna, brilliant!), the Pasta Aglio Olio and the Mediterranean Salad (its amazing with the lashings of feta and olives). Go there because you want to have a bit of relaxation after a long day of shopping at New Market, or drop in for breakfast. They are great for pancakes!

Raj’s Spanish Cafe

7, Sudder Street, 

Near Treasure Island



Written by Poorna Banerjee

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