A few days ago I walked home in the rain and got thoroughly wet. Not to mention Hungry.

I opened my fridge and found nothing but a few slices of ham (you can make this with chicken liver, sausages, salamis, bacon, boneless chicken meat too). After raiding the kitchen, I received an onion, four cloves of garlic and a few slices of bread.

Hence I began my work. I let my bread sit in a mild oven for them to get lightly toasted while I got to work. I sliced the onion really thin and crushed the garlic. Then heating just a bit of oil in a wok, I added the garlic and a single dry red chili in it, torn into four pieces. After letting the garlic play around in the oil for a few minutes, I added the onion and a hefty pinch of sugar to the pan. The onions glazed and sizzled, and I added a little dash of red wine vinegar to them.

Meanwhile, I tore the slices of Ham into fair pieces and added them to the pan. After giving them a good stir, I proceeded to add a few sprinklings of dried thyme (sage or oregano works too), salt, pepper, and a few drops of soy sauce. I let the mixture cook up and tossed the contents about, and then served them alongside triangles of bread and a little pat of butter on top. Served One, namely me, just fine!!

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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