Dove Sensitive Cleansing Bar is priced at INR 80/- for a 75 gm. pack. It is available in stores, and at Amazon.  I am constantly on the lookout for products which would be gentle on my skin, and when Dove sent me a lovely box filled with these cleansing bars, I was quite happy to try them out.

dove sensitive soap

dove sensitive soap

What Dove has to Say about the Sensitive Cleansing Bar: 

  • Mildest cleanser dove sensitive bar is formulated with the gentlest ever blend of cleansers, they clean well even at our body’s natural pH
  • It has antimicrobials which keeps germs away without harming your skin
  • Fragrance free, Hypo-allergenic and Non-cosmedogenic: It prevents skin allergies, irritation, and blocking of open pores. It also neutralizes the harmful effects of hard water
  • No. 1 brand recommended by dermatologists dove sensitive bar unanimously is the most often brand recommended by dermatologists and skin experts
  • It is thus the best cleanser for the sensitive skin like baby skin and allergic skin
dove sensitive moisturizing soap

dove sensitive moisturizing soap

My Experience:

The packaging of the Dove Sensitive Cleansing Bar is similar to that of the original Dove soap. However, the product itself has a milder scent, and lathers less compared to the original. It has 1/4th moisturizer, so the best part is, after shower my skin feels baby-soft and fragrant (which I absolutely love!). Over the last two weeks, I have noted that my skin has been behaving quite well, and although its autumn, it has not turned dry like it generally does. I use a moisturizer after shower, but even without it, my skin feels much more hydrated. This is great for sensitive skin, and my skin hasn’t displayed any kind of irritation. Overall, a good product to have around this winter.

Disclaimer: Product sent by the brand.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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