Dove Oxygen Moisture Range in India

A few days ago, I received a package from Dove, and it is one of the coolest ones I have received till date. It contained the new Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner from the range, and I have been using both for the last few days.

What Dove Says about the Range: Introducing the new Dove Oxygen Moisture range, which comes with an advanced solution that gives your hair the balance of moisture and volume. This new range with innovative Oxyfusion Technology can put an end to your daily dilemma, leaving you with hair that is beautifully nourished*, smoother# and looks 95% thicker.

Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo is a transparent, lightweight formula comprising of oxyfused moisture ingredients that instantly disperse on the hair. This formula helps to gently cleanse and nourish hair, leaving it beautifully bouncy, and full of natural volume. Enriched with the Oxyfusion technology, the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner delicately moisturises dry and dull hair, restores smoothness and leaves hair looking thicker.

Price: INR 83/- for 80 ml. Shampoo and INR 91/- for 80 ml. Conditioner.

Dove Shampoo India

My Take: The packaging is done simply – similar to other Dove shampoos, which I like. The squeeze bottles make these really easy to carry. The shampoo is clear and runny, while the conditioner’s texture is thicker, but spreadable. I followed instructions, washed my hair with the shampoo, and left the conditioner for around 3-4 minutes before washing it off.

After the very first wash, I saw that my hair felt much softer and smoother to touch. However, my hair was not weighed down, or limp. Both shampoo and conditioner had a strong smell which might not be to everyone’s liking. However, I like it.   

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo Conditioner 

Over prolonged use (I shampoo my hair every alternate day, I have realized that this shampoo is able to clean out oily scalp without drying it, and the moisturising conditioner works great on my fine hair. A good product during the monsoons, when I feel that my hair is naturally weighed down because of the dampness in the air. This is a good option for people with fine, limp hair, as it gives the hair some much-needed volume, without the frizz.

Dove Shampoo

Disclaimer: PR sample. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee


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