Domino’s Pizza India has always been a sort of life saver for me, especially on nights when I suddenly realized the clock had turned three and I was hungry and without a single thing to make.
Domino’s Pizza India

I was curious about the new flavors from Domino’s Pizza India, which are supposed to be Chef’s Inspiration, and which suggested, “Experience true Italian flavors like never before”. Now here’s a few things I have to say about this particular thing – essentially, Domino’s makes AMERICAN style pizza, NOT Italian. Italian pizza comes with a thin crust, with a little bit of topping, crisped in, preferably, a wood-fire oven, and served hot. The flavor combinations that I saw were decidedly ‘not’ Italian (who puts jalapeños in a pizza that claims to be Italian?). Anyway, I decided to order one to see how it was.

Dominos pizza chefs inspiration

Thankfully, the local Domino’s delivers to my place well-within thirty minutes, and I got my pizza exactly 22 minutes after ordering, no mean feat, since it was peak lunch time. I had ordered the “Florence Chicken Exotica”, which came with Italian Sausage in Butter Garlic Flavor, Barbecue Chicken and Jalapeño.

chicken and jalapeno pizza

The pizza is by no means thin crust – it does have a nice crust though – buttery and crisp around the edges. The toppings were quite generously put on top, with a good deal of the barbecue chicken and jalapeño. The butter garlic sausage were few and far between, though.

Dominos pizza Florence Chicken Exotica 

The sausage smells not only of garlic, but a good deal of herbs, and are not bad, although I would have liked a few more of those and a little less of the barbecue chicken. There was a copious amount of cheese, so I wasn’t complaining there. However, if you think that this would be a meal for two, fat chance! It would serve one hungry person, or make two people lightly full. Be sure to order something else off the menu if you want dinner.

dominos pizza Italian pizza

Overall, I have to say, although I really did not find anything Italian about this pizza, it tasted quite nice. But when names like Vikas Khanna lie behind “such creations”, one wonders whether the chef even knows what Italian food is. At least thinking a bit before putting these on the menu is a good idea, right?

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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  1. Sukanya 2016-09-17 at 5:07 am Reply

    Had Florence chicken exotica last night for dinner. As described the toppings were in generous quantity. However I had ordered extra cheese but I didn’t find any difference between the usual hand tossed pizzas and this extra cheese one.
    And what is the name of the crust? It was not pan crust of course and neither double cheese crunch but much thinner than the hand tossed pizzas.

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