Christmas Cake at Flury’s

Christmas at Flury’s is going to be a very simple, yet a comprehensive affair, it seems. From the 12th of December, 2014, to the 4th of January, 2015, there is going to be a Christmas special two-course meal served, which you can opt for. There is the option of choosing from Pork, Turkey, Chicken or Fish for Non-Vegetarians. Vegetarians, sadly, have only one option, but well, its a Mushroom, Baby Corn and Brussels Sprout Shepherd’s Pie, so I am not complaining.

Turkey at Flury’s

I am here for the Turkey, though I also am looking at the Pig. Chef Vikas Kumar of Flury’s shows us the turkey, complete with a meaty, giblet-laden stuffing, and we are, of course, sold. As I sit down for my meal, plates of potato wedges, fried to a crisp, is portioned onto our plates. “I can never have enough potato”, exclaims the lady beside me, slathering some tomato ketchup onto her wedges.

Sausage and Potato

Some sausages also turn up, along with a couple of bread baskets, and some butter. The sausages are apparently sourced from Bangalore, and they are grilled golden. I would have preferred them to be fried more, but that’s just me, I guess.

Multigrain rolls

These delicious little globes with sesame seeds and other grains sprinkled generously on top quickly becomes my guilty pleasure, though, as I sneak one after the other onto my plate. We are asked for our choice of main course, and I make a solemn pact with P to share our lunch, so that we get some of each. In the end we are both too engrossed into our meals to share more than two bites, but then again, we are decisive like that.

Grilled 8 oz Pork chops with maple glaze

The Pork Chops with Maple Glaze have a glorious layer of fat. Those who know me well will understand my weakness towards pork fat, and of course, M knows that the most, so she prepares me a perfect bite laden with fat and pork, and the littlest smidgen of caramelized pineapple sauce. The plate makes the lady beside me exclaim with joy, “Where did you get these baby cabbages?”. I had to wryly inform her that they were cabbage that sprouted in Brussels.

Turkey Dinner

The Traditional Roast Turkey with all the trimmings is what I had wanted. The turkey is, to me, one of the toughest birds to cook, and it is easy to mess it up. In this case, the sweet cranberry sauce, the salty, crunchy vegetables, the stuffing, not to mention the chipolata sausage and the bacon, everything worked wonderfully with each other to add to the dish, but I found the turkey to be dry, maybe because I received a slice from the breast? I demolished it with my usual gusto and longed for dessert.


The Panettone at Flury’s is more of a bread-like pudding than anything else, with a generous soaking of a creme anglaise and some glorious caramel sauce. Someone sitting opposite admits that “this Panna Cotta is a little harder than what it should be”. Although I think about correcting him, at that point, my coffee arrived and I sipped the bitter brew thoughtfully, stirring the froth and admiring my spoon.

For those who would like to sample the two-course meal that Flury’s is now officially serving for both lunch and dinner, drop in during those hours. Vegetarian meal shall cost you 600/-, while one with pork or turkey is around 950/-.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at Flury’s at the invitation of the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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