Choice Pork Natural Savoury Garlic Pork Sausages 

 After my return from Shillong, I was thinking longingly of all the pork I had consumed there, when my friend R made an extremely tempting blog post about Choice Pork Natural products (find the full range of their products here) she had sampled in Guwahati. Now, I distinctly remembered seeing them in Spencer’s, Quest and eating the Pork Sausages with Allspice (which was very nice, too), so I picked up a couple of packages of sausages from Spencer’s. I got one 150 gm. package of the Savoury Garlic Pork Sausages and a 250 gm. package of Peppy Paprika Pork Sausage. I came back home, fried them up in a bit of oil the next day till they were nice and dark, and attacked.

Choice Pork Peppy Paprika Sausage 

First off, was the Peppy Paprika sausages. In the 250 gm. pack (which cost 165/-) there are eight sausages, and I liked the fact that they have an illusion of having a casing, and the pork is packed tight within. The quality of the pork was excellent and the salt quotient was low, something that I appreciate greatly because it improves the flavour and taste of the sausage considerably, but I had expected something which would have a heftier punch of paprika, or at least which would be spicy (since, you know, paprika!), But there was no spiciness at all, and that made me feel a bit disappointed. It was all gone within a few moments, though.

Choice Pork Savoury Garlic Sausage

On the other hand, the Savoury Garlic Pork Sausages were everything I had wanted in a good sausage – soft, juicy pork, a good hit of garlic, and when charred on all sides, rendered a smoky flavour which was exactly what I had wished for. The 150 gm. pack had five sausages, and I fried three for me and my sister at first, but had to quickly fry the remaining two, because my sister ate two out of three and wanted more.

Choice Pork Natural Peppy Paprika Pork Sausages 

Overall, I feel that these sausages are quite good, the quality of pork is really good, and the garlic sausages were spot on. The company also makes pork pickles and bacon, so I will be back buying more products from them. They are available at Spencer’s, Kolkata, and a few indigenous shops, like PFB Store Jadavpur, NCandy Store, New Alipore, and Frozen Foods, Lake Market. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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