China South

China South is a part of the food court in Quest Mall. Given my obsession for the new mall, I think I will not stop going there until I have eaten everywhere there. This time it was China South, and boy, was I happy to discover a new place to trawl about. A trip to Lifestyle and Spencer’s made me hungry and I ended up sitting here with my cousin who told me she wanted something Chinese and we decided to split the meal.

Hot and Sour Chicken Soup 100/-

Since the weather is turning pretty cold, we ordered a Hot and Sour Chicken Soup with a Mixed Hakka Chow Mien. Anything that I generally order from a food court mall is for me quite tasteless, so I was slightly unenthusiastic about it. However, within 10 minutes, the food was served, and we were quite happy to see the quick service. They gave us two sachets of tomato sauce with it, and there is an option of taking soy sauce, chillies in vinegar, and other condiments back with you in a china bowl. The soup we tried first. It was a revelation. This soup was nothing short of the tasty fare I have had at Tung Fong and it was a lot of soup. There were little bits of silken tofu in it, chunks of chicken, and shiitake mushrooms, which made this delectable.

Mixed Hakka Chow Mien

Next we tried the chow mien. It was served in a bowl, and I was not really sure how much food there was till I tipped it out on a plate and realized it was a good portion, and one person would have a difficult time finishing it. The noodles were thick, well-seasoned, with the right amount of wok hei (breath of wok – that delivers a slight, charred flavor which appeals to the senses), and I ate it with a bit of soy sauce and chillies dipped in vinegar.

We did ask after the momos in their menu, and they confirmed that they would start serving it when they turn fully functional, which they still are not. But the first look is very promising, and I would want to come back here for the “choose your stir fry” or the pan fried momos in oyster sauce.

China South
Quest Mall
Syed Amir Ali Avenue
Near Park Circus
Kolkata – 700017

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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