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As a rule, I do not write about a place until I have eaten there more than a few times. However, on Christmas morning, I returned home, slightly groggy and fatigued from the excesses of the night before. I had to eat, though, and the food on offer at home did not appeal to me much. Meanwhile S and IDG were looking for a place to dine and I suggested Chili’s immediately.

After ten minutes, we decided on meeting each other at Quest Mall, to sample the fares of this newly opened restaurant. These people do not accept prior reservations for now, so we asked about the rush, and they said that the wait was around 20-25 minutes for three people.

As I waited outside the joint, for there was a line, I perused through the huge menu – their menu is considerable, and quite mouth-watering, and after ten minutes, I gave up, leaving the final decision for the table. The hostess outside had promised us a seat in half an hour, and she did deliver, if I may say so. We got ourselves seated near the window, and our server got us the menus. S immediately pounced on the Fajitas, IDG wanted the Steak, and I was still torn, so in the end, decided to go for broke and ordered a cup of Buffalo Chili and the Triple Dipper, because I was in a mood.

Terlingua Buffalo Chili

My cup of Terlingua Buffalo Chili (125/-) came in first. It was a hot bowl of good chili, and although they did not provide any of the usual suspects which comes with it –  sour cream, chopped onions, chopped avocado, it had a bit of cheese on top, and was satisfyingly warm and comfortable. Buffalo mince added that robust texture which I fell in love with, and I would return for a bowl of this with a side of garlic bread, and call it a day.

Sirloin Steak

IDG had ordered a Sirloin Steak (500/-), done medium, with steamed broccoli as a side and mashed potatoes with gravy. His plate was plonked down in front of him within the next few minutes, and he cut into his steak, added a bit of mash and gravy, and chewed. And then broke into a smile. Eagerly, I took a bite from him, and realized that the steak was perfectly juicy and tender. However, the mash was slightly cold, and not very appetizing.

Herein came a bit of confusion, when IDG wanted to know why they had not served a slice of garlic bread with the steak, while it was written clearly on the menu that there would be garlic bread with the steak. It took three servers to resolve the issue, and then he got his slice of garlic bread, which he pointed out, had more parsley than garlic on it. He liked it well enough, though.  

Fajita Combo

I had already made a deal with S to split the Triple Dipper with her, and get a good bit of the Fajitas in return, so we were both happy when the sizzling plate of fajitas joined the party. The Fajita Combo (375/-), a combination of steak and chicken, had slices of skirt steak done medium, and grilled chicken, and an array of vegetables. A plate of guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese came with it, and S eagerly piled up everything in a soft flour tortilla (there came three), folded it, and then bit into it. “Go easy on the sour cream!” She yelled, as I piled some of it on mine, and I just grinned and chewed on.

The Condiments for the Fajita

At this point, I noticed, that my Triple Dipper (325/-), which was supposed to be served first, had not yet arrived. I asked the server, and after another five minutes, the plate appeared in front of me. I gasped when I saw the quantity of food in front of me and thanked God I hadn’t ordered anything else.

Triple Dipper

The Triple Dipper is named after the three dips that comes with the assortment of fried goods. There was a batch of Southwestern Egg Rolls, a few Chicken Wings, and three long, tender Chicken Crispers (which were more like chicken tenders, for they weren’t that crisp). There was also some long slices of carrots to go with it. The three dips that came with it were Avocado-Ranch, Cool Ranch and Honey Mustard, and we had a lovely time dipping them in each, and tasting. The chicken wings had a slathering of hot sauce, which made it perfect for dipping in the ranch dressing and consuming. The egg rolls were a revelation, and they were perfectly crisp, cheesy, and very satisfying. S was all for them, and we ended up polishing everything off.

We asked for the bill, and it came to around 1750/- after tax, service tax and service charge (10%). I am going to return a few times and hope they can maintain the standards of food. The service needs to be improved considerably, but to be fair, they have opened up pretty recently. So I will give them a year to adjust and stabilize, and NOT deviate from their original menu.

4th Floor, Quest Mall,
33, Syed Amir Ali Avenue,
Beckbagan, Kolkata
Ph: 03366064206 (Extension: 500) 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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