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Making Chili is one of the easiest things I can do. I basically am a lazy-ass bugger, so sometimes its so much easier for me to get something done without much pain. Recipe is DEAD simple: all you need to do is soak some kidney beans (about 2 cups) in water (or use canned beans if you like) for about 5 hours or so, and then drain. Heat a generous lug of oil, season with a couple of bay leaves, some chili flakes, a big blade of mace (or you can put in powdered mace later) 3 large onions, and saute till the onions are soft. Move to a side, and add about a pound of lean minced meat (beef, lamb, goat, pork. You can use any meat you like, provided it IS meat). Fry till the whole thing crumbles and browns. At this point of time you can add some fine whiskey or beer to the concoction. I did. It was great. In fact, it adds to the flavor.

Then add to it about 200 ml of tomato puree (or 6 chopped tomatoes), one huge pinch of sugar, salt, and a teaspoon of cumin powder, some oregano if you have it (this is as per your taste), along with some pepper. Fry till the water evaporates. Add beans and about 4 cups chicken stock (freshly made, if you can get it. Else use a stock cube, or just use water!).

Cover, cook till beans are quite well done and meat falls apart. Check for seasoning.

Serve like I did… on its own, or with some cheese spread, chopped scallions, and fine sausages, cut into bits and fried. Goes fantastically with both rice and bread.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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