A few days ago I checked out www.quikr.com/ and explored the site. Essentially Quikr is a website which is dedicated to buying and selling products and services quickly. I wanted to sell a few books and buy a few things too. So when I started to use the site I realized a few things. They are as follows:

1. These guys have a nifty app for smartphones called QuikrNXT which makes buying and selling so much easier. All you have to do is select the product, take a few photograph, add the price you want to sell it for, and then list it on the website.

2. Through the app you can chat with the customer directly and leave a message. This is also a great idea for those who would prefer chatting over a call.

3. I navigated through the app and mobile site and they were both very easy to navigate and interesting.

4. The mobile site and the app loaded up quite quickly and when I sent in my queries, they got correct and quick responses.

Chatting is one of the best features of the quikr app. I much rather would chat with someone than call. There are a few reasons why I would prefer a chat session.

a. Chatting is way more convenient for me than calling. When I have some time, I can always leave the client a message and talk to him/her. When the client sees the message, or we figure out the details and I can answer questions about the product or ask some of my own. This makes it quite convenient for me and the client to talk at our own leisure.

b. As a woman selling my products on a portal, I find it to be safer to chat rather than call. There are unfortunately a considerable number of people who can create nuisance over the phone, like make crank or prank calls or call from random numbers and irritate, or make rude comments. On the other hand, during a chat, it is much easier to keep my gender anonymous.

c. Also, after the initial contact, I have realized that as a buyer or seller, I like seeing if the other person is genuinely interested in the product or he/she is a time waster. If the person is genuinely interested in the product it actually shows within the first few minutes of chat and I can provide more details or confirm purchase or sale without actually having to give out my details to everyone I talk to. Only the genuine one, who is truly interested, will receive it.

I have to say, with the Quikr app, I have checked out a few things to buy and confirmed sales very easily. It is fast, convenient and for me a blessing, because now I put up stuff i don’t need on the portal and there is someone or the other interested in the products I sell. All I would suggest that while using the app is for the seller to take a number of photos and be specific about the details, like height, weight and length, as well as the color, details, etc, which helps the user to figure out what is required.

Overall I feel that I would much rather prefer chatting over calling, especially when I am not sure about the person I  talking to on the other end. Quikr makes my life much simpler by giving me that option and I love that.

Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Indiblogger. For more, visit www.quikr.com or look up hashtag #QuikrNXT

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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