The Great Indian Chamcha
Disclaimer: This is a post which is all about shameless self-promotion. It is also an entry to the The Great Indian Blogging Contest, as a part of the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015, in association with, and . Check out more such posts by looking for #AKLF2015 and #TheGreatIndianChamcha 
Why hello there!
What’s up?
Oh, that shade of blue looks perfect on you!
Yes, really, it brings out the blue in your eyes.
No, who said your eyes were brown? They are dark mocha, pools of glorious chocolate! 
I swear! 
It is! 
No, seriously! You are incredible! Don’t you know? You are everything I could wish for, and more! 
Okay, no. I don’t really love you. Just in case you were wondering.
But, I still think that color brings out the blue…
 *  *  * 
You might want to say hello to us. Do you know who we are?
Oh well.
We are your greatest admirers, your true soul mates, those who see you like no one else do.
We are your … Chamcha.
We make sure you feel good all the time.
We make sure you always feel supported.
We make sure you feel that you are surrounded by people around you, when actually, you just might have nobody by your side.
For we are merely your own need to hear yourself. We are mere reflections. We are the ones who can control your happiness, because we can.
In short, we are more powerful than you are. We can make you hear what you want to hear. Make you see what you want to see. Make you do what you want to do.
This is our way of dominating you and the world around you. It’s our little plan to take over the world, one fool at a time! 
Don’t believe me?
Foolish mortal. Take a look at yourself. You wear that shade of green because we told you it looked good on you. Personally speaking, we thought you looked like you had jaundice. But did we say that to you?
We didn’t.
We said, “Oh Dear Lord!!! (Mark those exclamations there) You look… woooowwww! “
In true fangirl style. We even studied that in front of the mirror for your visual and aural benefit.
Because you did want to hear it. You looked at us and we said yes. And all the time, we pitied you. We looked down at your need to gain social acceptance, and used that to make sure you gave us what we wanted.
So, there started the story of extraction. You met a bunch of nodding heads, a group of people baring their teeth at your jokes, and tolerating your presence, while looking for the next besotted fool who would fall for it all.
For we have realized that man is nothing but vain, and vanity is a treat that we devour daily. When you think we lick your boots, we do something far more insidious – we give you that false sense of security, that fake height, from where you look down on us, not knowing that the day we’re gone, you shall fall, straight down, with no way up.
Such is our power! We rule this world!  
Oh, that suit! You look absolutely devastating!
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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