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One of the things I personally love doing is online shopping. I don’t like picking things at random – rather, I plan what I want to get, think deeply before I make the purchase, and well, sometimes, when I do make an impulse buy, I generally tend to make a good choice, or so I would like to think. Thanks to my work, I travel considerably, and so, my time at the desk has been cut short, but when you carry your mobile, you carry your passion right along with you.

This just means I am now addicted to shopping through my phone. Thank you, my phone! You have opened to me a brand new world which I wasn’t aware of. And now that I am, I don’t think I want to return to my desk. Every time I am out, I have developed a bad habit of checking out shopping apps, where I keep on looking at the new products that had just hit the shelves, and sometimes, exclusively on that particular app!

When you carry your mobile phone, online shopping can be at the tip of your fingers. Just take a look at some of the top shopping apps in India, and you would realize that online shopping has moved away from going to a website and purchasing something. Now, thanks to the power of shopping apps, the next generation of shopping is here. The best part is, you can not just shop for yourself, but for someone you love, but you just don’t have the time to go out with him/her to get something cool. Won’t it be easier for you to just take the app, pick out what you feel will be a great gift, and then send the link or a screenshot for him/her to approve before you buy it! That’s actually like shopping together, even if you guys are far apart from each other, and maybe in different timezones too!

This is why I love an app which is easy to browse through, offers me a considerable number of options, and gives me discounts which are exclusive, and brings down the price considerably. I have been guilty of looking at something at a store, and then quickly opening my favorite shopping app and checking if the brand is available with them. And when it is, what do you know, my fingers automatically go to the “buy now” button, and before long, a package is there on my doorstep!

The best part is, more often than not, they are definitely present. Especially if its clothes or shoes. That’s where top lifestyle sites, like Myntra, come in. They are simple, easy to use, and give me plenty of choices to select from. From trendy clothes, to shoes of the latest designs, makeup from top brands, to funky accessories, these apps have it all! The best part? You have the option to choose your payment method, and in case you want to return the product, there’s a 30-day return policy. Now that is what I call great products, which comes with amazing service! So now, I don’t need to go to a store, or browse the net sitting at my desk. Now I can literally shop anywhere, and the sense of freedom is wonderful to a busy girl like me!

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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