Do you love your car? Do you love talking about your experience? Do you absolutely love sharing stories about long drives, short drives, smart routes you took, and well, in short, share your love for your car and more?

Then is the place to go.

When I was asked to share my experience at, I was at first unsure how to go about it. However, signup is a three-second thing, thanks to Facebook. All I did was join with Facebook, and I was good to go. I was asked about the current car(s) I own, and a few other easy details. I filled it up in thirty seconds, and boom! Profile complete!

Smooth like a well-oiled engine, I daresay.

Well, they did ask me what car was my dream one. I smiled dreamily and thought of the gorgeous Porsche Boxster. I have this dream – driving it from San Fransisco to New Jersey. Well, hopeless one, probably, but there you go! 

I shared my experience after a while. It was fun reading about other people’s experience. Some were creative, some were very matter-of-fact. There’s a leaderboard, where one Sajal Agarwal currently leads the board with a huge number of badges you get. There are a number of them – starting with bronze, then silver, gold, diamond, platinum.The highest stage you can go to is Platinum, with 20 experiences. There are exciting prizes to be won – the first five hundred to share the Gold Badge stands to win a a Carconnect Mug from Magma, while the Platinum Badge holders (first five hundred) will win a Carconnect branded t-shirt from Magma.

Enough to get you excited.

So I shared my first experience there. I was talking about the time I ran away from home for a lovely drive in the night. It wasn’t anything particular, just running away silently with my friend in a Tata Indigo. It was fun, too! They have categories – where you can post about “car experience” or “long drive experience”. I put mine on the first category, since my drive that night had not been a long one. I found this particular thing slightly limiting – hope they add more categories, like maybe “short drive experience” or “issues with cars” (I mean, cars can have trouble, can’t they? And who would have the time to look for them in car experience once more people starts to join in?). Anyway, once I wrote about my experience, I hit the submit button, and the experience went on its way to get moderated. Which is a good thing, since many people write ridiculous stuff which just doesn’t make sense.

There is also a “car comparison” tab, where you can compare between two cars, by selecting them from the drop down menu. This is especially helpful for those who are looking to buy cars and need to check and understand pros and cons. Good idea! Also, there is a “new launches” segment where you can see latest news and newest cars hitting India. Also, the “car news” brings fascinating news around the globe about cars, and keeps you updated.

A one-stop portal for those who want to keep in touch with cars all the time! I am quite impressed to see the detailed thinking behind this site.

Disclaimer: This post was written in response to the Carconnect Contest at Indiblogger. For details, check .

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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