Kasha Mangsho Pizza

When Rahul creates new menus, I am always excited. Bon Appetit – The Cafe re-invents itself continually, and they have just launched a brand new menu especially keeping in mind the Durga Puja. From Mahalaya to Bijoya (around 3rd of October, 2014), the menu will be on.

Paneer Posto Pizza

I have to say, compared to the menus of previous seasons, this time, it is fairly short. But the Kasha Mangsho Pizza is addictive with a tangy spicy sauce replacing the traditional base, and melt-in-your-mouth soft pieces of meat adorning the pizza. Not to be outdone, the Paneer Posto Pizza is another revelation – Spicy, chilli-coriander laden pieces of paneer, topped with cheese and sprinkled with poppy seeds for the textural effect, this pizza is going to be a keeper, I believe.

The pita pockets are filled with a concoction of house-made kashundi which lends a delicate bit of sinus-clearing power to the creamy paneer and the salty tuna. Mustard for me has always worked well with these two items, and the take is spot on.

Gondhoraj Dhonepata Chicken Pizza

But I believe that my loyalty will be staying with the Gondhoraj Dhonepata chicken pizza with the subtle use of herbs and the unmistakable scent of Gondhoraj lemons.

Desserts at Bon Appetit has never failed to impress me, and this time is no exception. The Mihidana cupcake is definitely a fantastic choice for the mihidana lovers. Rahul sources the mihidana from Sen Mahasay, and uses cleverly in the cupcakes.

Mihidana cupcake

He also stuffs the cupcakes with mihidana, and the kesar syrup is pretty apparent throughout. But my absolute favorite thing in the menu is the Bengal Delight Parfait. The reason is simple – it contains lyangcha.

Bengal Delight Parfait

So there’s a layer of chocolate, and then there’s lyangcha chopped up, and there’s whipped cream. If you are a mishti purist, you probably will not like this, but the combination of kesar, chocolate and pista worked well for me, and I was left feeling pretty full and obviously happy.

Owner and Chef Rahul Arora.

Bon Appetit The Cafe has two outlets – one in Salt Lake and the other one is in Hazra. Do check out the special menu, and their regular one too!

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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