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When it first opened its doors in Quest Mall, I had been to Bombay Brasserie, and consumed a rather sumptuous lunch one afternoon. So, when I received the invite to try out some of the food from the restaurant, I could not say no. As I seated myself, the server placed a bottle in front of me. 
Shikanji at Bombay Brasserie

The Shikanji was poured into a glass for me, and served with a straw, and it was nice and tangy, and good for someone in the need of extra stomach space to polish off what they had on offer. One word about the drinks here – I am a die hard fan of scents like khus and rose, and therefore, had asked the good people there to make me something with those ingredients.

Murg Badaami shorba

But then, a bowl marked ‘soup’ was presented to me. The Murg Badaami Shorba was mildly flavoured, with bits of chicken and almond flakes. I am not much of a fan of nuts in my soup, so this wasn’t really my thing.

Khus Cooler

The Khus Cooler was exactly my ‘thing’ – a thick layer of khus syrup lay at the bottom, topped with ice, soda, and sabza seeds (sweet basil seeds). You need to mix the drink before consuming, and I have to say, if you like the taste of Khas, this will be your next best friend. The basil seeds add a little pop, and I gulped this down thirstily.

Papad Basket

They served us a tiny basket of papad, and guess who went for the sabudana papad first? Although others like masala and potato papad, this is my thing, and I loved the crunch. A dip is served with it, but I like my papad without any frills, thank you very much!

Gunpowder potatoes

The Gunpowder Potatoes is one of their signature dishes, and by the time we could consume it, it was lukewarm (thanks to the cameras flashing all around), but the podi coating the potatoes was nice, although much less spicy than I had expected. The potatoes themselves were creamy and cooked to perfection.

Murg Soola

I was more of a fan of the Murg Soola, which was spicy and perfectly cooked, with a squeeze of lime and some green chutney. I wanted to drink something rose-flavored at this point, and requested the server for it.

Paneer Ke Tukrey

Meanwhile, the Paneer Ke Tukrey was a mild, tasty affair, with cubes of creamy paneer flavored mildly with spices, and quickly grilled. S on the vegetarian end loved this.

Andhra Chicken

Andhra Chicken was similar to the Gunpowder potatoes – the coating was more or less the same podi we had consumed earlier. It was tossed with some curry leaves, and tasted nice, although the chicken pieces were slightly dry.

Rosy Gulabi Sharbat (L) and Rosy Vanilla Sharbat (R)

At this point, the server placed before me not one, but two drinks. One was a Rosy Gulaabi Sharbat (left), and the other was a Rosy Vanilla Sharbat (right). The gulabi sharbat was mostly a rose soda, topped with dried rose petals. The vanilla one had a light vanilla flavor merging with the rose, and it was quite interesting.

Tarkari Masaledar

For our main course, we were served an assortment of dishes. There was a Tarkari Masaledar, which was spicy and went well with the simple Hare Pyaaz ka Kulcha. The kulcha was nice, but nothing to write home about.

Hare Pyaaz ka Paratha

On the other hand, the Paneer Sirka Pyaaz was a crowd pleaser, with pieces of paneer cooked in a thick, tomato-based gravy, with pickled onions cooked with it. More than the paneer, we loved the pickled onions, which added a burst of sourness.

Paneer Sirka Pyaaz

The kaali dal was unremarkable and underseasoned, and I was really not a fan of it. I wished for a bit of smokiness added to the daal somehow. It would have made it different.

Kaali Daal

The Chur Chur Paratha was a gorgeous, fluffy dish. After cooking, this paratha is smashed, so that it disintegrates and the layers separate. I peeled off bits of this, and soaked it in the Salli Chicken

Chur Chur Paratha

The Salli chicken is nice – it had all the things I wanted – a tangy gravy, mild flavors, and a generous bit of fried potatoes added on top. I like Parsi food in general, and Bombay Brasserie is known for this dish.

Salli Chicken

The Ulta Tawa Paratha, however, was a revelation. Thin and cooked on the underside of a tawa, much like what I have seen in Lucknow, this had a strong flavor of saffron, and it was decadent, to say the very least. I paired it with

Ulte Tawe ka Paratha

The Dhungar Maas was a thick, spicy meat dish, topped with a single Mathania red chilli. The heat was addictive, and paired with the paratha, this was the star of the show. The mutton pieces were soft, but held their shape well, and of course, I snagged the fried chilli on top.

Dhungar Maas

We were beyond full at this point, when the manager came in, smiled, and said, “wait, we still have the biryani!”. There was a collective groan from the table, but no one got up, so, seeing that as a good sign, the server brought out the vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. The biryanis are kept under ‘dum’ and we watched, fascinated, as the server popped open the top of the Nawaabi Gosht Biryani.

Mutton Biryani Bombay Brasserie

The biryani was light, with small pieces of meat, cooked till soft, and fluffy rice. I liked the fact that the spices were present, but not overwhelming.

Nawabi Gosht Biryani

I think we all have a separate dessert stomach, and that is what I am sticking to, because there is no other way for me to explain how I consumed a piece of the Chocolate Kurkuri which were crunchy and chocolate-laden, and perfect for dipping into the cold vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Kurkuri

I have an eternal fascination for Jalebi, and these were crisp and served with a thick rabdi which was creamy but not overly sweet.


All the dishes we had were part of their a la carte menu, but the good news is, Bombay Brasserie Kolkata has a set meal offer for lunch right now, where some of the dishes are featured on their changing menu. The menu for vegetarians is 499/- plus tax, and 599/- plus tax for non vegetarians.

meat dishes bombay brasserie

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to a meal by the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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