Black Dog has always been associated with a great time, when we can relax and enjoy and have a lovely evening after working through the day. I have been invited to amazing events arranged by Black Dog, and I have had a fantastic time in most of them. Black Dog Easy Evenings are all about chilling out, with friends and acquaintance, good food, good music, and a glass of your favorite whiskey, done your way.
Why do I like Triple Gold Reserve so much?
You might be wondering why I keep on talking about the Triple Gold Reserve. But there’s a reason why – you see, I have never seen a Scotch that has a relatively lesser time of maturation, but is smooth and rounded like its aged counterparts. As we have discussed in previous posts, this comes from a triple-maturation procedure, and constant distillation, which helps keep the alcohol smooth and well-balanced.
The other notable thing about this scotch is the maturing of it in two different kinds of casks – at first, American Bourbon Whiskey casks are used, followed by Oloroso Sherry Butts.
Those of you who do not know what the difference between regular whiskey and bourbon is, you should know, American Bourbon whiskey is made from corn rather than wheat and malt, which is generally what is used to make whiskey in Scotland and Ireland. So, they have a completely different flavor quotient which is added to the whiskey while it is matured in the casks. The casks are also made of special wood which absorbs the flavors of the Bourbon and then infuses it in the grain whiskey during the initial maturing procedure.
That is essentially one of the biggest reasons for this whiskey to taste so good! Once I found out about the complex distillation procedure, I had new respect for Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, and it improved my drinking experience considerably. 
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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