Add something more to your evenings today, with one of the finest drinks that hit your taste buds perfectly. Founded over 100 years ago, Black Dog is one of the fastest selling Scotch whiskeys in the globe, and it is expanding its market and sales at a pace which can only be called commendable. And if you are looking for a lovely drink to savor in the evenings, what better than one of the world’s premium choices? At present Black Dog is one of the biggest selling Scotch whiskeys in India, with around 60% market share. It has been blended from whiskeys from some of the finest regions of Scotland.
Currently, Black Dog has a number of top tipples, which include Black Dog Gold Reserve 12 Years, Black Dog Black Reserve and Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, which is their newest addition, and a fine whiskey it is too!
Black Dog is a brand which has always been associated with relaxing, chilling and having a good time. The new Triple Gold Reserve is the embodiment of that with its smooth, mellow flavors, perfect balance, and a gorgeous aftermath. This is the only blended Scotch which go through a triple maturation process, and is a long process indeed, but so worth the wait! The process begins with separately maturing grain whiskey and malt whiskey. They are matured in American Bourbon Whiskey casks to give them more flavors and then they are blended together.
After blending, they are put in Oloroso Sherry Butts cask for some more time to give them added flavors from the sherry casks. This long procedure really brings out the flavors of the whiskey, and you would be left admiring the beautiful taste of the tipple which, tastes glorious, thanks to the procedure that adds so much more to the drink. 
Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is meant for age 25 or more.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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