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I was that kid who had curls. The ones which had a tendency to spring back after they were pulled. My mother disdained that I would have to always shear off my hair because they were too unruly for me to let them grow longer.

I hated people who had long braids. I wanted them. I once cut my grandmother’s braid in half and fastened the grey-haired braid to my own curls, a jumble of perfectly straight grey hair poking out from under my curls.

I was despicable. I know.

Anyway, it was in college when I decided to put a foot down and grow my hair. However, I realized quickly, that my split ends were not really a great thing when it came to braiding. So naturally, although I tried remedies, ultimately I stayed away from braiding, because those braids were not the stuff I wanted.

Then came Dove Split Ends Rescue System.

I used it for over 8 days and realized that my hair finally had more strength in them. They fell off less. And the split ends were… gone.


Back to braiding, and thank god, my curls are now braidable (if there’s such a word). Finally!

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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  1. Jeremiah 2013-04-02 at 4:58 pm Reply

    i love this stuff to death
    i just wrote a blogpost.. please chk it out it wud mean soooo much to mi 🙂

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