PRODUCT INFORMATION: Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser with patented A-F33 (Amino-Fill 33)—the anti-aging breakthrough of the decade! A-F33 works unlike potent anti-agers AHA, retinol, injectable collagen. The look of deep wrinkles begin to fade in just one week. 100% of women showed visible improvement in fine wrinkles in 2 weeks. Over time, 27% improvement in the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles. Designed to work with any ANEW skin care regimen to help optimize results.

MY TAKE: I was sent one of these Anew Pro Line Corrector from the Company and I used it in the night for 3 weeks before I could give my opinion. I have to say this product is very hydrating and nourishing, and in two weeks it has really reduced a lot of tiredness that was evident on my skin. Given the fact that these 3 weeks were super hectic and I barely slept, I was quite impressed. Plus, the fact that you need very little (a pea-size amount moisturizes my face and neck perfectly). Although I do not know if it did anything to reduce the ageing of my skin, I was happy to see it working wonders on my pores, which tightened a lot.

At present these retail for 1799/- according to the brochure for 30 ml. I would say this is worth a try. Gives the skin a very nice effect when used overnight for a period of time. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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