I am craving this.

This was a glass of cold coffee I had in, of all places, Varanasi. If you start walking towards Dasashwamedh Ghat from Godhuliya, on your right hand side there will be a hotel called Hotel Lara, and I ordered this, after reading through a list of things with incredibly hilarious spellings (Singpuri Noodlesh…. my eyes! ).

I miss that right now. It was cold, milky, with the heady bitterness of coffee offset with plenty of ice cream (and, the nice server actually asked me what kind of Ice Cream I wanted… that Nice, Nice Man!), topped with a generous dollop of chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips, which I had to polish off with a tall spoon. I was, at that point, hot, sweaty, mildly hysteric, and thinking of all sort of bad things in life, and this magical concoction healed me of it.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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