Kebab-e-Que holds a special soft corner in my heart, possibly because its one of those places I would go to with my family, and later, with friends. So, when the other day, my friend S told me that they were holding something called a ‘The Great Kebab Theatre’, of course I had to go see for myself what it was!

Chef Sumeet of Kebab-e-Que, Astor

Chef Sumeet of Kebab-e-Que, Astor

Kebab-E-Que at Astor has a special deal during the weekends for two – an assortment of terrific Kababs, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, along with a well-designed buffet, and scrumptious desserts and two drinks, and it all comes down to INR 999/- plus tax, which is quite unbelievable value. As this is the festive weekend, it is quite a good deal if you want to go somewhere for dinner, but don’t want to break the bank.


Among the vegetarian Kababs, there were many options, but I particularly liked the Tulsi Paneer Tikka, which had a rich coat of holy basil paste, and was grilled to perfection. I also tasted the Tandoori Aloo,  which was spicy and with a good bit of chillies, but wished it would be piping hot when it hit the table (that makes it absolutely terrific).


But I have to say, the Soya Galauti was really terrific, and the slight sweetness of the kabab was rather nice – for me, this one was what I would return here, the mild garam masala tones and the soft minced soya going rather well together.


Among the non-vegetarian delights, I did like the Lahsooni Machhi, which was rather robust, with a good hit of garlic that I personally love, but is designed to keep any vampire at bay for quite some time!


I am unfortunately a hopeless fan of the Mutton Kakori Kabab at Kebab-e-Que, and these tender bits of meat, with the heady flavours of cardamom and cinnamon is going to be a crowd pleaser, I could see. I would love to have a plate of this with a couple of bottles of beer, and dinner’s sorted.


Murg Kalmi Kabab

Murg Kalmi Kabab

But, if you are a lover of chicken, then the Murgh Chakori Kabab is your thing, or the Murgh Kalmi Kabab. These are undoubtedly delicious, and served with the Kachumbar Salad is a great start to any meal. There is, of course a rather nice set of main courses, complete with dal, pulao, roti and an assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, followed by dessert.


mains at Astor

mains at kebab e que

So, grab a friend and go, this is definitely a good deal, and The Great Kebab Theatre at Kebab-E-Que will be on every weekend till the end of March, so go get yourself some good food!

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the event by the management.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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