Aqua, The Park, Relaunches with a New Look and an Amazing Al Fresco Menu.

Aqua, the 24-hour bar beside the pool in The Park is a beautiful place to be, and I daresay I am slowly falling in love with the soothing atmosphere. The place has been recently renovated, and it looks beautiful, to say the very least. The bar now boasts of a huge array of cocktails and snacks, and I have to say, I love what was fed to me.

There are tables around the pool for a more outdoor scene, but if you want to sit inside, all you have to do is walk down to the multi-storied dining joint. Sit inside and look around – the bar’s stocked, and the lights are low – perfect for a little rendezvous with some great food. Currently, Aqua boasts of making some very energy-conserving choices – LED lights are placed to save up to 75% energy, the entire place is done up with glasses that allow daylight to pass through but not the heat. The fabric used are heat and fire resistant, and the gorgeous furniture used have been sourced from different parts of Europe, and top brands who make weather-resistant furniture, like Kettal, Dedon and Accademia, have been used.

Speaking of whiskey, there’s the little lounge with a nice array of blended whiskeys and single malts. I browsed through it leisurely, spotting a few of my favorites. However, tonight I was more interested in drinking something else than whiskey. We sat around a table and talked about food, and soon, glasses filled with olives emptied, and bowls of nuts coated with sugar was demolished.

My white sangria was a lovely blend of some Sula, sugar, fruits and juice. Serve chilled, it was very refreshing and was just what I needed. I looked around the big table, and soon got hold of some more grub.

The sliders are a combination of crunchy patties and crispy vegetables, with a squirt of lime additional. They are a tasty mouthful or two, and great when you want some guilt-free burger time.

I was more into the hummus with lavash and pita bread, though. The hummus was super-creamy, and perfect to be scooped up with some lavash. Naturally, I went back to it, and the Tzatziki, and the garlicky cucumber dip never failed to make me happy, especially when I dipped olives into it.

But my favorite of the lot were probably the date wrapped with bacon. Think about salty, crisp bacon wrapped around sweet mejdul dates, and you would get the idea. I have no idea how many I consumed – every time we would be on the verge of finishing a cup, it would be refilled. So, well, I am really going to just smile and look guilty here.

Aqua currently boasts of a few other signature dishes and drinks, which include Prawn Tempura, Peppertini and Zacatecas. If you are around Park Street region and would like to relax for a few hours with some booze and drinks, Aqua is definitely a great option.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at Aqua at the invitation of the management.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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