Laal Keema Nachos

Those who told me to go die in a fire, after I posted the photo of the Rose and Pistachio Cupcake I had at Bon Appetit, this is for you. Behold, the Laal Keema Nachos. This is a combination of spicy keema, plenty of cheese, freshly chopped peppers, and crisp nachos. To say its good is an understatement – its what you will need when you feel hurt and tired and want to ensure that someone loves you in this world.

This does.

Egg n Chili Nachos

And if you love Sunny Side Up eggs as much as I do, put an egg on it, I say! Break the yolk, and dip your nachos into its runny depth, and savour the crunch from nachos and the silky egg. Together.

Shorshe Machh Quesadillas

 And if you feel that Nachos are not really your thing (you are inhuman, but I shall forgive you, because you’re reading this post), what do you think of some Shorshe Machh Quesadillas? These have a spicy mustard flavour, and that surprisingly is nice with the cheese. However, my favourite is the Kosha Chicken Quesadilla, as well as the Spicy Paneer one – although the Kosha Chicken is not kosha in real, but that’s just the Bengali snobbery that is deeply encrusted within me, and difficult to dig out.

Paneer and Bell Pepper Burrito

If you like Burritos, the Bon Appetit versions contain no rice, but plenty to make up for it. The Double Egg and Mustard Burrito has a pungent kick from the kasundi while the Tuna and Chutney version is quite interesting, and made for those who love Tuna with a vengeance.

But, nothing is complete without dessert. I fought for more of the Asche Bochhor Abar Hobe, where Narkel Naru and Kheerkodom are dipped in chocolate, and served with vanilla ice cream, although I picked them up straight off the pan, and consumed them. Think about it – Chocolate-coated Kheerkodom.


Asche Bochhor Abar Hobe

And oh, yes. The Cupcake. Here it is. Hate away. But come over a get one. Bite into one, and you’ll find solace in the sweet filling inside.

R tells me he thought about me while making this one. You must realize why I love him dearly.

Rose and Pistachio Cupcakes

But, if you really want something completely different, then try the Paan Mousse at Bon Appetit. Its got everything a paan has, and more. Don’t miss out on the gulkand and paan topping. It just enhances the flavour, and the aftertaste is what makes you happy. The Pujo menu is going to run in the cafe for the next two weeks – from Mahalaya to Laxmi Puja, 2015 (12th to 26th October, 2015), and you should definitely check out their Salt Lake or Hazra outlet.

Paan Mousse

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to sample the Pujo menu by the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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