When you sit with your phone, in the middle of the night, and want to talk to a loved one, isn’t it great to talk endlessly without worrying when your phone balance might go kaput? The thing is, one of the biggest frustrations for me, with my prepaid (yes, prepaid, I like it very much, because it helps me keep my head around how much money I am spending on my phone bill) account, is the fact that, it can suddenly exhaust itself, which is a bother.

I remember feeling incredibly frustrated, waiting for my neighborhood’s shop to finally give me a recharge card. It was as if he was doing a favor, when he climbed down from his high perch, bent down to retrieve the box where he kept the recharges, and then asked – what recharge do you want? Well, I had to go for one which I knew worked for me, but without a good rate chart, how would I know which would best suit my needs?

Later on, recharging through websites made things simpler – but there were so many packs to choose from, and I had to be near a computer to access the net and then get my recharge done. In short, BOTHERATION started there. And while travelling, especially on roaming, it is a mighty pain to find internet and recharge.

But, after top brands like Airtel brought in its mobile app for quick recharges, life is a good place to be. Why?

  1. Well, now you can recharge your phone, for any amount, at any point of time. Even if you are roaming, if you have a working internet connection on your phone, recharge is possible quite easily. This is perfect for me, because I often run out of balance while travelling, and I had to call home before to get the recharge done. No more of that, thankfully! And yes, the payments made are completely secure and safe, so no worries! 
  2. Surprises! I love surprises! Do you know the Airtel app has free surprises for those who recharge over the app? You will get a coupon for every recharge you make – whether big or small, who doesn’t like discounts and vouchers? I know I do! This app quickly gives you vouchers which you can redeem easily at your favorite places. There is a wide range of vouchers from different places, to ensure there is something for everyone! 
  3. In case you are like me, you will need to have a page where you can personalize what you want to do at that point. For an inveterate gamer like me, ordering games is a must. Now I can easily store these things on my app’s personalized page, so that if I want to make a quick recharge, or view my balance quickly to check everything is fine, I can do so easily. 

These features and so much more is offered by the airtel app. For more, check out http://www.airtel.in/myairtelapp/ and join in the fun. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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