Air Wick Life Scents Review

The latest Air Wick Life Scents range offers 5 fragrances in both Freshmatic and Aerosol sprays. Each variant is an assortment of 3 scents. The complete Air Wick Life Scents range is available at major retail stores in the country. While Aerosol Sprays are available at Rs. 249 for 210 ml and refill of 250 ml is priced at Rs. 299, the complete Freshmatic (1 Freshmatic Automatic spray + 1 refill) is available at Rs. 550. I received the Summer Delight fragrance, and decided to give it a whirl.

Air Wick Life Scents Summer Delight

The process of use for the Air Wick Life Scents is fairly simple – you need to take off the cap of the refill, put it inside the black container, insert the two AA batteries provided, and then shut the container. Turn the container around, and set your fragrance level by rolling the adjustment tab, and then place it where you want it to work its magic. I placed mine inside the loo, since that is the biggest challenge for any product such as this.

Air Wick review 

The Air Wick Life Scent Summer Delights is not exactly my favourite – its got too much of vanilla and melon for me to like it, but the effectiveness quotient is definitely impressive. I set the product to run at medium speed, and after two weeks, it is working fine. The bathroom smells nice, and if you spend some time inside, a little spraying sound, followed by a hefty dose of the perfume, would be experienced. Overall, I would say this product definitely does what it is expected, and is a good investment if you need your home to smell nicer.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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