My friend is seriously sick.

No, okay.

Wait, that did not sound right.

What I meant to say is… my friend’s a bit too full of herself. She makes sure her life is a miniature drama-land. She makes it a point to keep her updates on Facebook mostly about Sartre, Megalomania and “The Human Condition”. For her, life is all about a long stretch of time ahead of us, and the subsequent survival in it, and the self-obsessed megalomania, with different facial expressions, is… well, absolutely funny, but also incredibly annoying.

She makes everything sound so grim. So… well… so… messed up. So… scary!

Iski to #ConditionSeriousHai, me thought!

The other day, she posted a status about the way pigeons were making her life miserable. These pigeons were deliberately trying to irk her. They were deliberately flapping around HER windows, HER balcony and HER room. They were “creating nuisance” for her, and her husband, whose name was the same as one of the most popular Bollywood stars from Bengal.

I am, and always have been, an inveterate Five Star Lover. Its smooth, its soft, and it melts on my tongue. What’s not to love about it? I ate one.

And then it struck.

I posted a video on her timeline, and said, considering the fact that the guy you live with is called M*****, no wonder pigeons can’t stay away from you.

The video was this.

Let’s just say, I did not wait around to see the reaction. Head over to the Cadbury 5 Star Page on Facebook for plenty of hilarity in the making.

Disclaimer: This Post is Written As a Response to the Indiblogger and Cadbury’s 5 Star #ConditionSeriousHai Contest. The story here is mostly fictional.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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