Afraa Restaurant and Lounge Kolkata

 Afraa Restaurant and Lounge in City Center I is currently celebrating its ‘A Taste of Tuscany’ food festival, and although I was invited a while back, call it divine intervention, or a twist of fate, I could not go there any earlier, but, at the very last weekend, suddenly, D asked me what I was up to, and as we were both thinking of eating something meaty and catching up, we decided to meet up at Afraa.

White Wine at Afraa Restaurant Kolkata

 We both decided on a glass of Folonari Leggero Bianco, a light new white with a soft floral nose, which is off-set by tones of mild sweetness that complement the semi-dry finish. It is a good choice for those who like a wine which is not too sweet or too warm on the palate, and is great for fish, chicken, pizza, or light pastas. As I initially thought of ordering a pasta or the fish, I was all for it. However, then the bread basket came, and before I knew it, I was tucking into the crisp, warm slices of toasty garlic bread, and D groaned briefly in despair, looked at me with baleful eyes, and then munched on a slice as well.

Assorted Bread at Afraa 

 There were also pretty triangles of Lavash bread, studded with seeds, and thin grissini sticks, but we had promised ourselves to not fill up on bread, so we reluctantly left the bread alone. Meanwhile, the Chefs had come over, and after a brief tussle about the meal, we settled for a light repast of the non-vegetarian antipasti platter, and some chicken to follow.

Afraa Antipasti Platter

 The Antipasti Platter was much larger than we had expected. There were wafer thin slices of pepperoni on crispy flat bread, slices of bocconcini and tomatoes spread over crunchy crostini, and topped with a bit of sun-dried tomato relish (or so I thought!), which we downed in no time. I was not much fan of the ham wrapped around thick wedges of melon. I would have preferred if the melon was shaved, as well as the ham, and the mortadella and salami were nice, but unremarkable. We also got a bit of olives and an assortment of dips, including one which was quite strong and herbal, and a red relish which was rather mild, despite the fact that it looked rather fiery and intimidating.

pollo di graziella – chicken cooked with wine, herbs and garlic

 The Pollo di Graziella was a generous portion of chicken legs, cooked to perfection, and served with gravy, an assortment of vegetables, and a risotto which was not too wet, and veered more towards a wet pilaf. However, the creamy rice accompanied the meat nicely, and we attacked the mildly flavored meat with gusto. The server asked if we wanted more wine, but we were looking forward to sharing a dessert, so we decided to skip it.

non vegetarian antipasti platter

 Dessert was Affogato, served with Bailey’s, and at this point, the lamp sitting on our table died a sudden death, so we shared a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with Bailey’s and a shot of espresso, taking sips from the Martini glass, and scooping out bits of the boozy ice cream from the bottom. Afraa is going to end this particular festival soon (30th August, which basically means, you have till Sunday), so, if you want to get a taste of Tuscany, and more, then check out Afraa restaurant at City Center I, Salt Lake. It is always a good idea to reserve first, though! Call 033-2358-1111 to reserve.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to Afraa Restaurant by the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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