Give me my music and a good book, and I don’t need much from life. At times, when I need to lose myself in my work, a pair of noise cancelling headphones make a world of difference, keeping me out of the cacophony around me, immersed into soothing music of my choice. I have had, at times, lost myself in the alleys of Kolkata, walking around aimlessly, listening to music, a lone figure in a sea of millions. Headphones have helped me to forget the world and get a good night’s sleep, especially in flights, and I have a terrible repute for falling asleep even before the flight takes off. The only problem? I generally always connect my headphones to my Mp3 player, and that means, I often miss calls.

That’s why Bose QuietComfort wireless headphones II are of immense interest to me. Think about this: a pair of headphones with in-built Google Assistant helping you to figure out what you want to do, where you should be going, and what you should be listening to. Furthermore, if a text comes in, Google Assistant will remind you of it, and can read it out loud too. How cool is that when you’re, let’s say, unable to attend to your phone?

As far as the noise cancelling element is concerned, here, you have three levels to choose from, and you can adjust them based on your preferences. No matter how loud the world is, the smart sensors built into the QuietComfort wireless headphones II will effortlessly adjust itself to give you the silence that you want. That is actually what a frequent traveler like me wants, because trust me, when you’re in a crowded plane, and there’s chaos all around you, this is going to be your understanding best friend who can help you keep your calm and not be bothered anymore.

A simple app in your phone can be installed to switch between devices. You don’t want to listen through your phone? No problem, there’s always another option, and you can easily manage it via the app that comes with it. There is also a huge 20-hour playlist that comes for free with the phone, and I checked it out on Spotify. You would have to be a member of Spotify, but it’s a simple process. The headphones themselves are pretty heavy-duty, with corrosion resistant stainless steel, and the ear cushions have a layer of synthetic protein leather on them to make the user feel more comfortable.

Overall, I think these headphones show some serious promise. Given the fact that they are from Bose, I would, however, expect nothing less, since the brand has always been innovative and a bit of a perfectionist.

Disclaimer: This post is written in association with Bose.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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