Kapil Dev is coming up with a league of his own, and it looks promising, to say the very least! 

Although it is quite hush-hush at this point of time, it seems that Kapil will be the key figure here, and will create something that would involve listening to your heart. The man has been throwing quite a few hints around, but never really is speaking of it directly, which just peaks my interest at this point. He says, if you play this league with your heart involved, it’s a “hit wicket”, which means, you lose, but if you apply smarts, you will score big time! 
Personally speaking, I have always believed that when you do something well, you don’t really need to think of trivial factors, like what people would say, how they would feel, or how  much money it gives me in the end. To me, it has always been about the challenge, where I either get what I want, or try to do my best. That way, I stay true to my passion. Blogging is one such outlet for me, where I stay true to my heart and do what I want.
This is why Kapil Dev’s #EkNayiLeague makes me feel really hopeful. One of the most revered names in Indian cricket history, I grew up hearing tales of his greatness, and watching him on the television. I still remember crying the day he retired – in fact, you must agree with me when I say that the entire nation was touched when he decided to retire from his career.
But, as the man says himself, no one really retires from what he loves to do. So, they come back to it, redefine it, and ensure that their love stays evergreen and ultimate. Kapil Dev, thus, never really left cricket. He rather, promoted it in different manners – from training young enthusiasts, to promoting cricket in different forms, he really redefined his role in cricket by just being smart. In fact, speaking about Yuvraj Singh, Kapil comments on the kind of money he makes through IPL, and believes that the incredible amount of money, made through sports, is an inspiration for youngsters to be more inclined towards it.
When I think of Ek Nayi League, I believe it is going to be a new, exciting show where you can win money and prizes, by  using logic and smartness, along with a considerable amount of your instincts. That is the key to winning here – the ability to think and define things your way, and while I might not be correct, something inside my heart says I am, and that is the most important factor which will make me win!

For more, please check out www.eknayileague.com for fun details. You can also answer the question which Kapil Dev asks – what do you think is Ek Nayi League all about? You can stand to win loads of prizes! Keep an eye on their twitter account, @eknayileague as well. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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