I recently had the pleasure of interacting with the good people at Himalaya Herbals, who were hosting a spa experience for bloggers around the city at the famed Bridgette Jones Salon, and I was asked to be a part of the experience. However, as I was travelling, I could not attend the event. However, I did send in a friend of mine, who enjoyed the experience, and is going to share her experience.

himalaya herbals anti-hairfall range - Photo courtesy Poutprettty.com

himalaya herbals anti-hairfall range: photo courtesy poutprettty.com

“As I entered the salon, I was curious about the experience I was about to have. I have dry hair, and a severe hairfall-related issue. So, I was extremely interested in knowing what I could  do to improve the condition of my hair. I was greeted by the Himalaya team, and offered refreshments. Then, we had a session with Bridgette Jones, who answered a few questions about our hair and health, and talked about the different issues, like, for example, hairfall. She insisted on the importance of applying conditioner only to the hair ends and hair length and never to the tips. She also said that oiling my hair before shampooing would keep it feeling more moisturized.”

Himalaya Herbals Shampoo Range

Himalaya Herbals Shampoo Range

“We were then allotted a therapist each. My therapist was called Romit, and she was very helpful and sweet. She started with massaging oil into my hair. She had a very light hand, and the oil itself was really nice – non-greasy and nourishing. Once that was done, then, my hair was given a cream massage, where the Himalaya anti-hairfall cream was applied all over my hair. Once that was done, my hair was washed.”


himalaya anti hairfall oil massage

“After the hair wash, a hair mask was applied, and then my hair was given the steam treatment, allowing it to relax for 15-20 minutes. Then, it was washed again, and then blow dried. The result was stunning. My dry hair looked fabulous, and nourished to the tips.”

himalaya hair spa

himalaya hair spa


“I have been using the anti-hairfall cream, anti-hairfall oil, and the anti-hairfall shampoo for the last one month, where I have developed a routine of using the hair oil an hour before I take a shower, then using the shampoo to rinse it off, and then, using the cream afterwards, like a leave-on. The result is good – my hair feels more moisturized and tends to tangle less, and hair fall is much lower than before. Thank you Himalaya for providing a set of products which actually work!”

Disclaimer: The brand sent an invitation for the blogger to try the spa experience and products to use afterwards.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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